19.08.2020 Feature Article

One Hot Meal A Day Is Nothing But An Insult To Teachers Nation Wide!

One Hot Meal A Day Is Nothing But An Insult To Teachers Nation Wide!
LISTEN AUG 19, 2020

The teaching profession elsewhere is seen as the backbone of national development, since it's from the hands of the teacher that, all professionals come through. Why must the government treat teachers with disdain?

Government policies towards the personal development of teachers in this country have never been anything near impressive. Teachers are treated as if the work they done has nothing to contribute to our national development and this is seen not in one government but across the political divide. It's not only appalling but a clear discrimination which the constitution is against.

Tell me who made the greedy and insensitive politicians who they're today. What is painful is the fact that, many of these lazy politicians ran away from the classroom to look for cheap money in politics. I can tell you about 85% of politicians in this country have one-time being teachers before they abandoned it for politics. Our politicians are making the noble profession look very unattractive to the youth of today. And that must be worrisome to many Ghanaians.

What an insult of a package the government proposed to teachers, who will be risking their lives for the development of the country. Government is able to give others sumptuous packages, but when it comes to teachers, just listen to what the government has proposed, one hot meal a day as if the teacher is the most destitute person in this country. It's true governments' policies have not favoured teachers, thus making them live in perpetual abject poverty. But they must be respected for their tremendous contribution towards national development.

If you can't reward the teacher but you shouldn't also add insults to injury. How many times have some politicians gone home with the thievery ex gratia as end of benefits? Some are as old as my grandfather but want to die in politics because of the lucrative nature of it. Why must you take home all these huge amounts of money and turn to insult the very profession that made it possible for you to be a politician? Have you ever asked to know how much the teacher takes home as his end of service benefits? Politicians must be ashamed of this sheer stupidity and wickedness towards the honourable poor teacher in this country.

It's not a surprise to me that, many youth of today are not interested in the teaching profession. Knowing what they will go through in life after retirement alone puts off the idea of anyone becoming a teacher these days. This is not how teachers were treated and they can't be treated like this by our today's greedy politicians. That's not acceptable! Don't be surprised if we start importing teachers in this country to beef up the strength of the less number of teachers, who have nowhere to go. If they don't go anywhere at all, they will retire and you see who will be interested in the profession again.

Putting the blame on the government alone wouldn't be enough. The various greedy teachers' unions scattered across the length and breadth of the country must also share the blame for not being effective towards the welfare of teachers, who they represent and keep "chopping" their dues for no work done. Did the government negotiate with them before coming out with this sorrow package? What is their take on it and what are they doing now? The questions are many for them to answer. I thought these associates are there to see to the general welfare of the teacher?

Government shouldn't be that wicked towards the teacher. They don't envy you for all your political jobbery and armed robbery. But don't also look in their faces and insult them. The package you are offering just ask yourself if you're a teacher would you be happy with it? It's high time the politicians learned to respect the noble profession and accord them the due respect. If all teachers leave the classroom and become politicians, who will lose in the country? The future of our children and future leaders must be taken into consideration when such decisions are being taken. We are not in normal they say, but their stomachs are bursting with corruption-related crimes here and there.

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