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The Development Of Our Country Must Be Hanged On National Policies And Projects But Not Unsustainable Pary Policies And Projects

The Development Of Our Country Must Be Hanged On National Policies And Projects But Not Unsustainable Pary Policies And Projects
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A country can only develop when it prioritises its development on national issues. However, we have allowed many unattainable party policies to drive our agenda for development to the extent that, we often have many good policies thrown away when the party that initiates them is kicked out of office. This is a serious impediment to our national development.

The two major political parties thus the NDC and NPP are always engaged in subversive propaganda, which has little or even nothing to help revamp our ailing economic growth. No wonder both parties really do not care about our national development. They usually put their attention on policies and projects that are manifestoes based to the neglect of our national developmental plans. The constitution allows for the formation of National Development Plan Commission and to appoint seasoned policy makers, who will meticulously carve out national policies for the development of the country. However, this is always ignored as political parties are rather seen implementing policies that contained in their manifestoes. What is worrying is the fact that, most of these policies are usually mere campaign promises but not any well thought through policies. How can a nation develop, if political parties concentrate on what will perpetually keep them in power rather than what should be done for the general development of the country ?

Indeed, it is not by coincidence that all political parties keep making unattainable political promises to the masses during election years. How many political parties talk about national development without following the will of their supporters or what will keep them in political power or bring them to power? None of course! Because, if the wish of the supporters is not fulfilled, then it means, that political party cannot come to power again. What they often forget is the fact that, only their supporters cannot make up the number that will bring them power or retain them. They talk about good programme to engage the employed youth but only come to select and pick their supporters as beneficiaries of many of these programmes and often times, leave out more qualified people out there. This is perceived as an agenda to reward their supporters. It makes other parties harbour the same intentions and are more willing to come to power and also recruit their supporters and to justify it, when they are confronted with the question of why. The many youth employment programmes that never stood the test of time are a clear example of these political miscalculations, which lead to the immediate stoppage of the programmes after the party that brings such wonderful policies is voted out. It’s a complete waste of time and resources and it impedes our national development.

Political leaders; who are voted into power mostly leave office before realizing they have failed the people greatly. When they are in office, they are so much power drank that they forget they were actually sent there by the very people they refused to listen to. This is one of the reasons that plunge our economy into permanent dwindling growth and political upheavals. The leaders only want to fulfill their campaign promises which often times are not favourable to the larger number of the citizens. Nobody will complain if such policies are sustainable and impact on the country positively.

Furthermore, there are two types of cabinet that is usually formed when a new government takes over office. There is the official cabinet, which is made up of ministers of state and other government officials at one hand and that of the family and close friends’ cabinet on the other hand. Many a time, the latter is more powerful and much influential than the former though it should rather be the opposite. The party itself from which the president is elected seems to be a toothless bull dog, that barks without biting.

Again, you often hear and see party half-baked and self-styled communicators on every political platform including the media-both print and electronic extolling the achievements of their governments in grand style. Many might not have even passed by the walls of any institution where journalism is taught-but they are communicators in their own yard trying to convince citizens on what they government doing good for them or will do when voted into power. However, these policies they often talk about are not for national development but policies that will keep or bring them to office.

Pervasive tribal sentiments coupled with parochial and greedy interest are yet another paramount deficiency towards national development. When a political party comes to power, the president’s people think it is now their time to revenge all ancient grudges that they might have held against others for some time. People start to claim lands, chieftaincy titles, state’s properties including other property that do not belong them. They know they are backed by the power that be. These untouchable characters in the society make it difficult for their own people to work for the betterment of the nation as a whole.

Finally, if any government has the development of this country at heart, it must set in national policies that are purely meant for national development but not for political party interest. This is because; many of these policies and projects are abandoned immediately the political party that initiates them leaves office for another to take over. We have all seen the number of abandoned and uncompleted projects scattered across the length and breadth of the country. These projects are funded by tax payers’ money, but because they are not intended as national policies and projects but party politics policies and projects, they are usually abandoned for another party in government to set in its own projects and policies. We only keep wasting money that is supposed to be used to develop the country. It’s true governments are ran by good policies but if these policies are only meant to keep a government in power or bring it to power only to be abandoned, then we must go in for national policies that will help develop the nation.

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