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08.07.2020 Feature Article

The insight of Nana Addo and Dr. Bawumia government.

The insight of Nana Addo and Dr. Bawumia government.
LISTEN JUL 8, 2020

The over hyped government of Nana Addo and Dr.Mahamadu Bawumia is the abysmal performing government in the history of our country.

The government of Nana Addo is full of thievery,very scandalous and lacks candour.This is owing to the abruptness change of what the NPP preached and made us to believe before assuming power ,that they were adequate for the purpose.The indictment of the opposition NDC made Ghanaians trust the NPP to be the Messiah of this country but not the contrary.

My recent concern and observation is the sudden hike in fuel prices and the rising cost of commodities,services and transport fares to about 30-50%.In Just around April and May this year, fuel prices declined unprecedentedly in world market with a remarkable declined record.But the insensitiveness and visionless government of the NPP lacked foresight and proactiveness thus couldn't safe more oil to help the masses at this crucial times to mitigate the hardships as we are yet in Economic crisis in this pandemic.

This government has crippled the national purse .The NPP Government alone,have borrowed over $114.2billion dollars plus enormous taxes from the masses in less than four(4) years.These funds can't be reasonable accounted for.And today, this incompetent and corruptible government is intending to slap the country with yet another huge multi dollar debt for the elephantine egoistic and cronyism government to loot.I ask the president to pause here with the borrowing,cut your ocean sized government, expand local industrialization ,focus on export and Agriculture. This is the surest and only life the economy can depend on.

The unscrupulous,uneconomical borrowing,spree-ness and growing taste for money by this government is woeful.Today the Economy is vehemently shedding tears. Is very intricate to predict the resilience and type of economy we are living in.Why is the dollar depreciating the cedi amidst COVID - 19 that has pulled global economy and superior currencies down?Why is the dollar still trading at Ghs5.80p cedis when we ve a supposed doctor and magic economics like Bawumia and some economic management team.

All the monetary policies which included the closure, collapse and usurpation of the numerous banks and microfinance did more harm with no good, looking at the amount spent to collapse the banks could have lessen the pains of customers and workers of those institutions by sowing the wooping sum to revamp and boost the banks.The closure of these banks and financial sectors has brought more shocks to the Economy than the rationale behind the hineous exercise .

The livelihood of the customers of the collapse banks are in shambles,some are sick,many are jobless and others ve died. All these resulted to the policies that was directed to malice.

Now the veep, Dr.Mahamadu Bawumia, from every point and standard, shows clearly that,he lacks the Economic gymnastic to manage the Economy.His personality was and is a sheer hype.I am questioning Dr. Bawumia that "why is the cedi not trading freely among other currencies especially in this pandemic"?Is our Economy infected with Covid 19 too! The economy of this government and Dr.Bawumia is a cosmetic drape on the face for political expediency.

The unwise borrowing and spree is unnatural and not prudent .This government is very cruel and insensitive to the plight of the masses who trusted and voted you to power.With the monumental borrowed capital, we can't point more done with the funds but escalating debt of our dear nation.

Your excellencies,your government is a total failure and I edge you to have not accepted the mandate to lead your party to the December polls because your track record stinks and it will be very humiliating for you.The try me and see chorus you sang to power is a try and error government.

Is so obvious to predict if you are indeed a first citizen and patriotic.Patriotism means to stand by the doesn't mean to stand by your family and friends as it is now.

Your government has posed a very intense economic hardship on the masses and in extension to the next generation.The time is now for you to sit and recall the harm you have caused the poeple and the generation henceforth and repent for the prospect of the country.

I am writing as a citizen and not a spectator.A non partisan citizen with the country at heart


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