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26.02.2019 Health & Fitness

Get Rid Of The Balloon Stomach

Get Rid Of The Balloon Stomach
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Did you know that your ballooning tummy could merely be a consequence of your poor eating habits and poor digestion?

A lot of people struggle with poor digestion and a consequent tender and bloated stomach. It does not only affect one's mood and well-being, but it also actually has long-term health effects because your stomach health is closely linked to the ability to keep your general body fit and healthy.

Hard to keep you slim
If you have a slightly sluggish digestion, it may be difficult to keep your waist slim. You can feel hungry because the old food is in the gut and interferes with your natural appetite regulation. This will allow you to eat a little more than you really need.

Besides, you get inflated when the food stays too long in the intestinal tract because it begins to ferment.

Another thing is that you get a lot more from the healthy substances of your food when your digestion is healthy. This is because the food is absorbed much better with a healthy intestinal flora, because it helps to channel the healthy substances into the blood. You simply do not get the full value of the food you eat if your digestion does not work optimally.

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That's why it's about having some good diet and eating habits that help your digestion on the road. Try to stop and think through your habits thoroughly: Do you eat enough vegetables and whole grains? Do you get the important lactic acid bacteria? Do you drink enough water? Do you thoroughly chew the food? Do you eat regularly?

Outlined below are the three habits that your stomach will love and probably thank you with good digestion:

Three stomach-friendly habits
1. Drink water every day
If you don't get enough water, your stomach gets stuck. The fluid helps the food get through the intestinal tract. Drink at least 1.5 to 2 liters a day - every day.

2. Eat Snacks
Supplement your main meals with small fiber-rich snacks to be sure to get all the dietary fiber you need. For example, eat carrots, coarse bread, nuts, and dried fruits.

3. Go to the toilet when you need
Many people tend to postpone toilet visits until they get home. But the best part is that you go to the toilet as soon as you feel that you need to.