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Jan 29, 2019 | Spirituality & Religion

The Parallel of Today's Christian Values To Cultural Values

By Catherine Forson Agbo
The Parallel of Today's Christian Values To Cultural Values

As we approach the beginning of the third millennium, the world seems to be changing quickly and indeed to be spinning out of control. The world is now a confusing place with recent development in culture almost calling everything into question.

Christianity belief is no different from the existing cultural values that exist. Therefore, if Ghana wants to raise good Christians, the African values must employ the values of Christian laborers. Ghana according to the 1992 Constitution is recognized as a Secular State where the freedom of worship is allowed. Christianity is the fastest growing faith in Ghana and Ghana ethos is recognizably Christian. Every culture with time has been influenced by other cultures in different ways. Prior to that, all cultures have been changing and developing as they have been encouraging each other. Ghana, as well as other African countries, is a developing society with a history of colonization, missionary work, and trading. In the process of creating new modernity, the aftermath was only a few factors that affected development. Cultural values really have been handed down to several generations which have evolved into a tradition and the tradition can be said to be cultured.

In society, there is no reasonable doubt that the word of Christ today has been adulterated by men of God and other believers to suit their selfish needs. However, when it comes to the cultural valves or society, the Bible, however, has served as a model of correction and guide in the way Christian and the general public might live their lives. The word which was preached, miracles performed and advises given by Christ were influenced by the ers setting in which they found themselves and therefore it should not be used as a medium to judge the Ghanaian society. The Ghanaian culture as since existed before the introduction of the foreign culture and therefore, Ghanaian must be proud of who they are “the African possesses an abundance of values which requires only and accept their traditional culture, as the Christian messages are adulterated and cloth over time to fit the Ghanaian setting.

The desecration of Africa in the past by the western European powers seriously and adversely affected the traditional culture of the indigenous African people to the extent that many traditional beliefs social values customs and rituals were either totally destroyed or ignore. In most cases, they were considered to nothing more than pagan values and superstitious believe that played no part in traditional African culture. The introduction of European Christianity and values separated the indigenous Africans from their traditional ancient spiritual roots as well as their traditional identity as a spiritual people.

The African values employed from Christianity will aid in raising good Christian due to the Christian strong belief systems. Is it a mistake to not that the African values employed by Christian values have diluted the word of God to suit the African setting is a mistake. Think of dressing, food and other values that exist today.

African was set in backward cultural traits in the past where twins were considered evil, fishing couldn’t be done on certain days, polygamous marriage was considered wealthy, and sons had to win their fathers love to inherit from them. Sacrifices had to be done to appease the gods or cleanse the lands of their sins. Many more activities and practices which later became enshrined as traditions existed until the arrival of western Christianity. Christianity somewhat is a blessing to Ghana as it has helped improve not only our living standards but has also refined our thoughts and the way things are seen. Just as culture revolves around us, Christian beliefs, I believe remains the same everywhere. Culture instead has been clothed to fit the Christian expectation of a Christian. The Christianity values can also be reflected in the Muslim beliefs and traditional beliefs (only more refined and civilized). Culture may change, but the Christian beliefs and values have constantly remained the same.

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