Home & Food | Sep 10, 2018

HOT! This Chicken Spicy Agushie Meal Will Take You To The Moon And Back!



  1. In a pot on medium heat, add 3 cups water, 1 tsp salt, 1 tbsp oil and cover till it boils. Then add noodles and cover to cook for about a minute.
  2. In a blender, add onion, scotch bonnet peppers. ginger, garlic, 1 cup water and blend for garlic blend.
  3. In a pan on medium heat, add agushie and toast till brown.
  4. In another pan on medium heat, add ¼ cup oil, shallots, chicken, 1 tbsp garlic blend, 1 tsp salt and cover to cook for 1-2 mins. Then add red chili flakes, cream, ½ cup water and cover to cook for a minute. Then add cooked noodle and mix
  5. Sprinkle dish with toasted agushie and optionally, sautéed mushrooms.

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