Opinion | Sep 12, 2018

They took procession of their future again

“What are you doing in my office?”
“Mr. President, step down as we have come to enforce our right as people to have a glorious future.”

“What do you mean by that?”
“This country is not the country of you or me,

not the country of anyone before in the seat you occupy…this is the country for all of us and by GOD´s decision this country is mandated to be a paradise and a Leader for others to walk ahead in humanity.”

“What do you think I am doing day and night? Have I not hanged this country?”

“Mr. President, it is easy to have big dreams for your people and borrow money from outside to pay for without hanging the fundamentals in the system and mind of your people. All you leave behind is an empty poor country that is sold out to foreign powers. We do not want to be sold any longer to anybody. Our forefathers in slavery are not supposed to have died for nothing; our fight for independence must not be in vain. Mr. President…we, the people of this country want to obey the destiny set by God for us and not the mind of our political elite that is selling us once again into the hands of the White Man.”

“But I was voted into office in a democratic way by the majority of our people.”

“Mr. President, you and I know that you have stolen the election, so did the President before you. Look behind you…who is standing there?”

The President turned around seeing his wife looking at him with grim face, the same she was showing the night he had accepted his victory into the cameras of the world knowing his Presidency is based on a lie.

“That is all the support you now have…the rest of the people….look behind me…are standing here!”

“But…but,” came the President loser to the White Man that was standing before a crowd of people in Military Uniform with guns ready to fire and a group of civilians of which most were not from the country, “it was not me that indepted our country…it had started long before me. And what was I supposed to do? Do you believe telling people the truth in a Democracy would for any party ever to lead to victory? People are like that, especially here in Africa and our country, they only vote for you when you promise them heaven on earth. To face them the hard truth that our country is bankrupt in all aspects of our life will push them into the hands of the opposition that, once in power, will face the same problems.”

“Here is my cabinet and here the new constitution,” did he introduce his intentions. “The people stand behind us…you better step down peacefully as it is good tradition in this country.”

“This is a revolution…and a revolution in a democratic system is nonsense…is not permitted as you can always opt for another party,” did the President lecture the people in his office getting nervous by the minute.

“When all political parties and the constitution itself are no longer helping the people to have a better life, based on preparedness with a better alternative…a revolution in such a system we have currently in this country is mandated…morally and legally.”

“You cannot do this as I have not completed my agenda….”

“Mr. President…each day you are selling this country into the hands of foreign powers that will take us over very soon…a scary scenario that we must stop with the help of qualified, selfless people you see standing here with me from all around the world to establish this country on our troubled continent as a raw model for others to follow. To be President only because of a notice in history books is not the answer to our problems. This country needs a fundamental change, honesty and truth…even hard for our people to swallow…but in the end better than being slaves again of foreign powers. Now the time has come, our people are ready to face real facts and not fiction. The time is running out to keep our dignity and preserve our blessings for future generations to come. We all know, the current generation will not see the fruits of their labour but have to work for the next generation to have a better and better life. We are ready for this hard come ahead as our freedom and dignity is more important than any money that we can chop today without thinking.”

The President was escorted by Military Officers and taken away leaving his wife crying behind.

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