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Saint Monica's UK Supports Alma Mater In Ghana

The old student of the famous Saint Monica's Secondary school in Manpong, in the Ashanti region of Ghana, have come together in the United Kingdom to crown their annual 'Old School Dance' with a great reception dinner in aid and honour of their science laboratory in Ghana.

On Saturday 8th of September 2018, the Palm Tree Banqueting Hall of Romford Road in London, was the delight and toast of a night that was greeted by some old students who have grown, being elevated and have become sponsors, entrepreneurs and executives of their own businesses.

They came together to push and pull their individual resources in one direction all in the name of setting one agenda. And that agenda is to see and put the school at the level where it belongs.

And as the school's slogan says on its badge of honour, 'Each For All, And All For God', one could see the sense of their unity and harmony in harnessing some funds in support of their former institution of knowledge.

Speaking to the president of Saint Monica's Old School Association in the UK( SMOSA) as to how important this event is to its association, Eno Frema Osei Mensa said: “ Fund-raising is a great way to tackle budget shortfalls and give students (and teachers) the building and materials that they deserve, as schools are always under-funded by the Ghana Education service (GES).”

In showing his fondness and appreciation towards his former school, she continued to rain some praises saying: “ For old students, this is our Alma mater and it is only after leaving school, that one really appreciates the feeling of having “belonged” to this school.”

Eno Frema as the president could not have explained the purpose and focus of the event much better as she said: “The fund-raising event was held to raise some money towards our science laboratory, which will enable our students to have the necessary tools and equipment to support their learning.

“ In the 21st century, science plays a big role in our society and gives some potential students the opportunity to expand their carrier paths.”

In all, one could say these old school student have done well to help their Alma Mater in Ghana all the way from the United Kingdom.

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