Opinion | Jun 29, 2018

Homosexuality: Chance for Africans?

GOD created Adam and made a helper out of his rips, his Eva that is his will. Humans do not always follow his instructions rather go their own ways.

While in African societies homosexuality is seen as the imported sickness of Whites, in Europe constitutions have changed to allow same sex marriage. African countries punish legally and morally acts of Homosexuality by their own people, some even imprison them.

To get a residence permit for Germany and other EU countries, being married or wanting to get married and be granted entry in the White Man´s world is by family reunion mostly as the easiest way. The term family by African standard is clear, Heterosexuality is the basis, while in Europe a mix of both attitudes is permissible.

When someone want to outsmart and conquer the enemy/other party, it is wise to think like the other party and identify its weaknesses to use for its own benefit.

The question arises, why should Africans not stage a traditional marriage in their country among themselves or with Whites of the same sex, present their papers e.g. to the German Embassy in Accra claiming they are married under the same sex marriage act of their dream country and apply for family reunion only to get divorced again after few years residing in Germany.

Would it work that a woman from Ghana stages the marriage with another Ghanaian woman to bring her friend into a good country (and the boys their buddies) knowing in their heart what their real intentions are after having carefully observed the weakness of the authorities to see behind the obvious? In any case no Government can force people to be of the same attitude for life, be it Heterosexuality or Homosexuality…things can change in a man´s/woman´s life these days very fast as we all know.

What would happen if….

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