Opinion | Jun 23, 2018

Blacks are seriously dangerous

Goethe Institute friend of my wife from Kumasi/Ghana, call 17.06.2018 with my wife: „My husband is sick and I need to feed 5 children, the school fees are simply too much. In Germany life is easier, school is for free and Kindergeld is there for us. My sister lives in Berlin married to a man from Sunyani. They are getting divorced now, when that is done, I marry him, than I bring my 5 children to Germany, few years later we divorce again and I marry my real husband and my ex-brother-in-law will become again my real brother-in-law. When we have no work, even I will work hard in Germany; the government is there to support us always. Here in Ghana you can work hard but the money is too small and most of us have no job at all, so what can we do? We have to go where there are greener pastures. I have a responsibility for my children!”

Wofa Bros., Accra, call with my wife, 21.06.2018: “We blacks are seriously dangerous and destroy foreign countries. I was living in Berlin for good 15 years, than I came back to Ghana. I know how it is in Germany, very different than people here think. USA is for us not a good option, Germany is much better. I was living there illegally depending always on the paper and cover of other people. You that came with the right papers have no problem and I know you, you will never leave your husband but work with him on a good future, you are truly blessed.

Many black women just get married to Whites to get a Visa and stay, they simply use them, and even among Blacks this happens. Never allow any Black in your country Germany to talk to you and try to corrupt your mind. They are jealous and try to bring other Blacks down as they do not want to see their success, rather their downfall. We Blacks have a corrupt mind; we can destroy others and other countries easily. They think of us Blacks as poor, yes, we are poor because our mind is not correct and poor, simple as that. We do not deserve to be rich as we would destroy anything that is given to us anyway and leave ruins behind. So, my sister, take my advice, stay away from black people, mix only with the white people and learn from them how things are working so that you can make your dream of business and your own Orphanage in Ghana a reality. As I know you well, I know you will achieve it and make many people in Ghana happy.

I met so many black Ladies in Berlin, they are all not correct, they just make babies, dump the fathers and cash in Kindergeld and social support…please sister, forget about them, even do not allow them to come close to you. Pray a lot, stay with your Men of GOD always, talks to your Pastors and Prophets that you have, share with them your daily life and follow their instructions by the letter, that way the evilness of us Blacks that by your color also runs in your own blood, you will overcome and teach your own children the right way to live. GOD bless you so much, sister.”


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