Press Statement | May 26, 2018

RE: Any Mafia Plot and Tactics to Vet Certain Aspirants Out Might Lead to Voter Apathy in 2020—Concern Members of Danquah Institute Warns

Our attention has been drawn to a publication on the above topic on 24/05/18 by a purported group known as concerned members of Danquah Institute. In a statement signed by Samuel Akyea Botwe found on,the first paragraph reads, “The entire National Executives and members of the concerned members of Danquah Institute is calling on the Vetting Committee as a matter of urgency to avoid vetting any candidate out from the National Delegates Conference that will be held in Koforidua in the Eastern Region to elect leaders for the party.”

It is clear from the above quote that this contrived group seeks to question, belittle and undermine the integrity of the Vetting Committee—made up of men and women of competence and unblemished track record; a very worrying and unacceptable development. The Danquah Institute (DI) does not disrespect structures put up by the party, rather we work to ensure that democratic governance that was espoused by our Founding Fathers is developed, deepened and practised.

We would like to state in no ambiguity that Danquah Institute (DI) has no such group formation, and none of the signatories to the press statement is a memberofor affiliate of the Institute. The Danquah Institute, which late last year was recognized by the party to serve as itsIdeological Training Institute has absolute confidence in the Vetting Committee, and also trust the judgment, competence and capabilities of the members to ensure that candidates with the competence and qualities that represent the ideology of the party, and with good intentions for the development and progress of both the party and country are given the opportunity to present themselves to the electorates for consideration for their respective positions.

We therefore wish all those hoping to contest for any of the national positions the best of luck.

Dr. Kingsley Nyarko
(Executive Director)

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