Diaspora (Netherlands) | Apr 29, 2018

I Will Lead NDC To Victory In 2020--NDC Diaspora Chairperson Assures

Winning the hearts and minds of Ghanaians would NOT be done through Unity Walks , but rather an exemplary action plan that highlights solutions to the numerous challenges facing the people of Ghana today , these were remarks of a past chairman of one of NDC branches in the Europe.

In a recent political discussion forum, in Europe, many Ghanaians across board (non partisan) agreed to the fact that the current NPP government has been a disaster, and some western nations who had their leaders flock to Ghana during the first few months of the current administration are all very disappointed at the u-turn the government took in what they thought would have been an exemplary good governance worthy of their partnership.

The Ghana Beyond AID scam, was well cooked to sway aware critical eyes to the blatant corruption practices that the current government is entrenched in. An over bloated number of Ministers/Deputies/CEOs/Board Members and their staffers as well as their free-loaders all soaring to over 989 people on government pay roll is a clear indication that corruption wasn't something that the President Nana Akuffo Addo government was indeed ready to fight., and the hypocrisy of the western nations who rushed into Ghana to cement their grip on our wealth as a nation, are all amazed to see how easy it was for them to also get away with all the contracts they managed to secure behind closed doors .

The Kweku Baakos, Kwesi Pratts, and their likes all tend to use grammar on radio to make believe that they indeed hold Ghana at heart, but in reality are way too oblivious to the realities of the average Ghanaian who doesn't even listen to the gribberish that liter the airwaves on a weekly basis., whilst media houses grant air spaces to spiritualists /witch doctors/ pastors all with the same colored robe to further confuse the masses so that having a collective front to hold government accountable to its fake promises/corruptive ways becomes an illusion.

2020 elections would be the first time in the history of Ghanaian politics to have Ghanaians from the Diasporian Ghanaian community to bring a new dawn of real change to our democracy and more importantly to our development as a people. A team of 24 Ghanaians professionals/experts in the diaspora (Africa/Asia/Europe/North-America ) with the skill sets to tackle every sector of our economy, from Education, through Health to Security are ready to take on the leadership of the Republic of Ghana and hold every Ghanaian accountable to our development as a people. Our institutions would purge itself with leadership that can and would work to enhance our social ills , and Ghana would finally be on the path to recovery.

Finally, Ghanaians home and abroad are all very disappointed at the performance of the current government, and tit for tat banter that seems to have riddled our political arena, cost of living seems to be soaring with no limitations on pricing, (price control) , which also translates to tax evasion, housing industry is scandalous with no rent control, and ridiculous extortionists practices, health care in shambles , and security thrown into the hands of vigilante groups , thereby creating fear amongst Ghanaians and their visitors (foreigners) alike . The various speakers all called on Radio Stations to start becoming responsible to our social development as a people and get rid of all the religious/spiritual nonsense that has littered Ghanaian radio stations, laws need to be enforced to ensure that radio stations that allow these enemies of progress on their airwaves pay fines that would make it unattractive for them to allow this.

The group in its final pronunciation, declared the release of a working template that governments to come would have to use as its measure to ensure the redevelopment of the socioeconomic posture of the people of Ghana . A press release would soon be announced to unveil the members of the group.

Long live Ghana , long live the people of Ghana .
K. Abeiku

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