Absurd Affront To The Rule Of Law

'This will not break the spirit of the NDC. They jailed Abodakpi and Tsatsu Tskikata in 2001. Abuga Pele was my mate in the university. We played football together. NDC will win the 2020 and release Abuga Pele'.

The above words from Nii Lante Vanderpuye, MP and without doubt a leading member of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) can pass for an absurd threat to the rule of law yet since the party lost power humiliatingly.

For a party exigently requiring a facelift, such remarks should be avoided by all means lest the party stays in opposition indefinitely.

As an affront to the judiciary, the remarks represent the party's de ja vu disregard for this critical arm of government. Given the party's past negative baggage, the presidential pardon granted the Muntie 3 et al, it would be too risky having this political grouping at the throttles again. They can hardly conceal their colours and would always flaunt the negative qualities – the fallouts notwithstanding.

Very soon, they will start trooping to the Nsawam Prison, or wherever the prisoners would be, in solidarity as they did in the Muntie 3 episode. They would certainly promise them a pardon in the unlikely event of their winning the hearts of Ghanaians in the near future exactly what Nii Lante said.

Those within the NDC who consider the re-engineering, if you like, rebranding of the party as a prerequisite for regaining power someday should be disappointed in the garbage spewed by the reckless MP. Anyway his remarks represent the party's stance unless we are advised otherwise.

It can be deduced from the smelly remarks that the initiation of the legal action against the convicted members of the party, Philip Assibit and Abuga Pele by the NDC when the GYEEDA scandal made it to the media space was a mere smokescreen.

Had they retained power, the court case would have been deliberately prolonged with a view to eventually expunging it from the cause list.

It is heartbreaking that the NDC does not consider anything absurd in the conduct of the two persons which eventually led to the loss of so much to the state. And this is a party which was at the helm for eight years? No wonder the coffers were drained of their contents by the time they left office.

With such a stance on state resources need we ask why the party should seek the mandate of the people of Ghana?

Those who have such a contemptuous attitude to the judiciary should stop pretending to hold the rule of law in high esteem.

A crocodile has emerged from the bottom of the river with a story. We on the surface with no access to the river's bottom cannot dispute the disclosures thereof. That is the bottom-line of the remarks and to be forewarned is to be forearmed. Ghanaians can only ready their thumbs so they deal further blows to the NDC in future elections. A party which does not consider such reckless handling of state resources worth actionable is not worth voting for. Amazing and politically abominable!

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