Press Statement | Dec 11, 2017

On The Unlawful Dismissal Of Zoomlion Riders/Staff In The Dormaa East By YEA

Good morning ladies and gentlemen of the media who are with us this morning.

We wish to thank you for your urgent response to our invitation despite the short notice. We want to brief you on points in our presentation today.

Today is our first encounter with you (the media) and thank you for coming.

We note with disappointment, the unlawful dismissal of about 85 Zoomlion staff.

We are therefore reacting on the reign of the lawlessness which is likely to jeopardize the unity and peace in our district.

Politics of deception and over-politicization of our public institutions like YEA and private sector (ZOOMLION) and the lawlessness being exhibited by some well known NPP members and appointees is very worrying.

These people without any shame have turned the YEA office into party office and have chosen to open the office to the public at their own free will.

Ladies and gentlemen of the media,
Let me take this opportunity to give a brief background from the time of recruitment of the affected staff under YEA/ZOOMLION module.

Some of them were recruited by former President Kufuor, while others by former President Atta Mills and final batch by former President Mahama.

We have therefore worked peacefully in the hands of all these leaders and irrespective of the appointee (DCEs) like Sq. Leader Ben Anane Asamoah, Hon IK Kyeremeh and Hon Frank Kumi without any problem.

Why is Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and his appointees including Hon. Emmanuel Kofi Agyeman and co. unlawfully dismissing us? Are we not Ghanaians?

Ladies and gentlemen of the media,
A few months ago, we were asked to go home by one Mr. Siaka and Hon Anthony Kwabena Oppong (NPP Constituency Youth Organizers).

The intercepted list bore our names and it read the list of Zoomlion workers who have vacated post-Dormaa East District YEA.

It took the intervention of some opinion leaders and the dismissal was declared illegal.

Thanks to those persons who always fight for the poor in society.

Ladies and gentlemen, if they failed the first attempt, why now again? We, therefore, demand the following questions and answers from the government/YEA Dormaa East, regional YEA and also call on the President H.E Nana Addo-Dankwa Akufo-Addo to intervene and call the office of YEA Dormaa East to order.

Ladies and gentlemen of the media,
Here are our questions to the government:
1. What happened to the first list?
2. Is it lawful to sack a staff who took part in the headcount exercise conducted by the ZOOMLION a few months ago?

3. Is it lawful to sack a staff who were at post and and took part in the headcount conducted by the same YEA Dormaa east district last month?

4.How can a staff who was at post and marked present become a vacant post?

5. How can YEA describe existing staff as vacated staff but met the same person on duty and tell them you have vacated post?

6. How do you ask a staff to go home when a clear evidence showed he/she was at post with the other staff who is still at post?

7. Have all these(85)staff absented themselves from duty for 10-days as required by public service to warrant their dismissal?

8.Have they been queried as required?
9.Have they been suspended as required?
10.Have the affected staff given opportunity to answer the alleged charges of vacation of the post as the laws of our land demand?

11.Has the ZOOMLION which has daily supervisory role communicated to and declared their post vacant?

12.Why not dismiss the entire ZOOMLION workers nationwide, the whole region and the whole staff of the district but few others?

13.What happened to their six months salary arrears own them by the YEA/ZOOMLION?

Ladies and gentleman of the media, the above questions point to the fact that all the officers at YEA Dormaa east district are too discriminatory and not serving the nation but their personal interest.

In conclusion, we call on the president, the local government minister, the sanitation minister, the YEA National CEO, ZOOMLION CEO, the DCE and the Nanamom to condemn this act of discrimination in the Dormaa East district by these known NPP appointees.

We demand that you call them to order since we all voted for the president and should not suffer this way in the hand hands of few bloody selfish individuals in the Dormaa east district.

Long live Ghana
Long live ZOOMLION.
Thank you all for coming.
Hon Afi Isaac
Assemblyman And Secretary Concerned Citizens.

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