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Why This Ghanaian Celebrity Massage Therapist Is Massaging Women's Backside! Don't Judge Yet! Read On!

A. My name is Ransford Afari. I'm 42 years old and the first of 6 in a family. I left St. John's Grammar school with the hopes of becoming a Film maker and shot my first movie in 1998. But the Film industry faced certain challenges at the time, so I found delight in Massage Therapy in 2012.


A. During 2012, I had traveled with a retired US Marine worker to set up a Clothing Business in Sierra Leone, where his periodic receiving of Massage Therapy opened my eyes to how I could switch from Filmmaking to Massages and not blame anyone for my challenges. The inspiration was first Money and second, Care and I trusted my customer service and interpersonal skills to make me successful in my newly found endeavour. So, I received vocational training in Aberdeen, Sierra Leone and hastened to register my therapy business with the Registrar General in November 2012. I joined the Ghana Association of Massage and Manual Therapist in 2013 which is spearheaded by Madam Adjeley or Rema TheraTouch in Accra.

“Touch is one of the 5 senses and it's about time we recognized its fullest potential and acknowledged them for our wellbeing.”


A. We first have to understand what massage is. Massage is the systematic and scientific manipulation of soft tissues on our body to achieve optimal health. With manipulation comes the various techniques and strokes applied on the part of the body massage. During the process, the client must be draped to their comfort level and that is covering them with a towel and there are different types of draping a client, so the client does not feel uncovered or exposed. However, most clients haven't been enlightened that their buttocks also need to be massage because most therapists are afraid of what the client might perceive them to be or fear of losing the client because they couldn't guess the client reaction if told that their buttocks needs massage too, so they end up skipping the buttocks.

But in my practice, I say it like it is and upon research, the client is permitted to opt for it or not. The benefits in offering buttocks massage is just to reduce buttocks pain by reducing compression on the nerve beneath the pelvic areas that somewhat cause pain from the buttocks right down the legs. And it's not to be done putting a lot of pressure in the buttocks but soft strokes, tapping and kneading it to improve blood circulation in those areas. The inability of blood to circulate properly causing a painful sensation is often referred to as “Ananse” (Spider veins) in the Twi language and when not treated with light pressure, Spider veins could trigger a rather more serious pain that might develop into walking difficulties.

The Controversial massage video from Ransford that set the whole of Ghana into a talking mood!

The current video circulating on Facebook is just an excerpt from the video that went viral 2 years ago. Because of my media background, and the fact that Ghanaians were fascinated about how the client was draped in the video, I was invited to many platforms to explain and to further enlighten the public about adapting massages as a lifeclass to better their physical activities. Both TV and Radio somewhat exposed me and the sharing of the video over the globe has also made me a household personality. As per my training, I try as much to educate and not be sarcastic to comments on my platform because through their mediocrity, they also get the opportunity to be enlightened. The patronage hasn't been as expected since the anxiety over whether I'm legit or whether they would be secretly filmed linger in the minds of many. Patronage is somewhat determined by the economic situation too, and how some of them take the issue of stress seriously.

My video on Facebook ignited a midst of awe and excitement from which ever point of view people considered my work. Those already abreast with massages know it's normal but many men see my services as unjust for a stranger to touch a lady in that manner. I hope, women especially those who often go through stress as they juggle between their home and corporate duties wouldn't take the men's insecurities regarding my video but will rather schedule appointment with all registered massage spas and get relief from their stresses.

The Buttocks Massage is for everyone, but because people read orientation into getting seminude for a service such as massage, clients always prefer the opposite sex. Mostly, male clients always prefer female therapists whiles majority of women don't care about the gender of their Therapist that much. So, my video is meant to target women patronage because if certain contents are generalized, it doesn't produce the right results unless it is specific towards the targeted clients.

I offer Relaxation and Sensual Massage, but the latter is often misunderstood for Erotic Massage. If only we weren't preconceived to believed that Touch is wrong and certain ethical touch is only to improve our wellbeing, the reaction from onlookers will change.

Touch is one of the 5 senses and it's about time we recognized its fullest potentials and acknowledged them for our wellbeing.

Ransford Afari
Celebrity therapist
Contact- 0241488250

Ransford on TV Africa's Morning show with Actress Nikki Samonas

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