Hassan Ayariga

Hassan Ayariga has a remarkable record of leadership and experience in business that embodies an unwavering passion and commitment to service. Hassan was born on 4th September 1971 in Bawku in the Upper East Region of Ghana. His father Frank Abdulai Ayariga, was a member of parliament for the Bawku constituency during the third republic administration of Dr. Hilla Limann and his mother Anatu Ayariga, a business woman, whose passion for child education in the then impoverished northern sector of Ghana, made her stand her ground to ensure all her children and those in the community were educated. Hassan grew up partly in Accra and Bawku before settling in Nigeria when his parents went on Exile after the overthrow of the Limann Administration. All through his childhood his parents taught him the values of service and responsibility and the blessings of his faith, Hassan Ayariga carries with him to this day. Due to the moving around by his father Hassan went to schools in Accra, Bawku and Tamale where he had his secondary education at Ghana Secondary School before moving to Nigeria where he attended Barewa College in Zaria, where he studied ACCA and then to the London School of Accountancy. Hassan is an entrepreneur with many business interests both in Ghana and abroad, however, he started out as an accountant with WaffenSchimdt GmBH in Germany and the as Quality Control manager at Peter Huppertz Ford motors in Germany for 10 years before going into business. He is currently the chairman and CEO of Hassan Ayariga & Co. Haulage Company, which deal in trucks for infrastructural development. He also owns Hallo Pizza, a restaurant chain in Ghana and recently started Clean Us Ghana, a waste management company. Being born into the Nkrumah-Egala-Limann tradition, Hassan has never forgotten his political roots and in 2002 he joined the PNC, a political party formed by Dr. Hilla Limann in 1992 when the ban on party politics in Ghana was lifted. His leadership skills immediately came to the fore and was elected chairman of the Germany (Koln) Chapter. In 2004 he contested for the vice chairmanship of the PNC but later withdrew from the contest and supported Hon. John Ndebugri. Hassan Ayariga believes this country deserves better and he is seeking the leadership reins of the PNC to seek the mandate of the people of Ghana for an inspiring leadership and rapid development. Hassan Ayariga is married to Anita Ayariga, a graduate from KNUST who has a deep passion for child education and is working towards ensuring children of school going age in the community get that right. They have a blended family that includes three daughters, two sons and live together in Accra.