References | May 4, 2014

The Origin and Early History of The Tampulima Ethnic Group

Location Two settlements, both in Northern Region: in East Mamprusi District, main town Langbinsi (near Gambaga), a cluster of villages on either side of the Walewale-Gambaga road; and in West Gonja District, main town Lingbinsi (near Daboya), a strip 60 km from north to south, along the eastern border of the Mole Game Reserve,; The two settlements are about 70 km apart. To remember which is which, note that the ā€œaā€ town is to NE, and the ā€œiā€ town is to the SW.

There is no direct route between Langbinsi and Lingbinsi. One must travel via Tamale and Walewale.


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