Opinion | Dec 27, 2018

Is A Referendum In Which Ballot Boxes Aren't Guarded By The Security Agencies A Properly Organised Election?

Why did the Electoral Commission of Ghana (EC), not take the commonsense-precaution of having police officers and personnel of the other security agencies, posted to at all the polling stations, for today's referendum on the creation of new regions?

It is beyond belief that the EC has acted as if no one in Ghana will attempt to influence the outcome of the referendum, by switching the official ballot boxes, with ones that are stuffed with ballots to ensure that the Yes voters have large majorities at all the referendum's voting centres. Pity.

The EC must understand clearly that to remain a credible organisation, during elections, it has to do everything possible to prevent stuffed ballot boxes being substituted for genuine ones - by making sure that adequate security is provided by the security agencies to ensure that no electoral malpractices occur when Ghanaians go to polling stations to cast their votes during national elections.

On that basis alone, any voter in the areas in our homeland Ghana that the referendum is being held today, who insists that this referendum cannot be said to have been properly organised, wouldn't be making an unfair statement.

Haaba. Hmmm, Oman Ghana - eyeasem o: asem kesie ebeba debi ankasa.

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