Opinion | Dec 23, 2018

Voters In The December 27th Referendum Must Reject The Creation Of More Regions

For It Is Not In The National Interest

Are those in Ghana, who posit that Chiefs will be the only beneficiaries of the creation of new regions, being fair, in making that assumption? Many of those who back the creation of new regions claim that it will fasten the pace of development in the newly-created regions. Hmmmm, Oman Ghana - eyeasem o. Asem kesie ebebaebi ankasa. Alas, that will not happen in a byzantine system such as ours. It will only end up adding another layer of unaccountable high-level thieves to rob Mother Ghana.

The question is: Are those who insist that the creation of new regions is a classic example of the duplicity of our nation's vampire-elites, who when it suits them, claim that they want value for money in the spending of taxpayers' money - yet think nothing of wasting taxpayers' money to satisfy the greedy ambitions of certain Chiefs in Ghana: who for tribal-supremacist reasons want to have their own regional houses of Chiefs? In a nation with limited resources, wise leaders should always prioritise the spending of taxpayers' money.

The priority for our country, in as far as resolving the problem of underdevelopment at the grassroots-level is concerned, cannot be the creation of new Regional Houses of Chiefs - which is the hidden agenda of the beneficiaries of inherited privilege in Ghana. The truth of the matter, is that underdevelopment at the grassroots-level, occurs, simply because the chief executives and members of Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) fail to respond to the actual needs of local people.

If the chief executives, and members, of the MMDAs are elected, they will definitely focus on responding to the needs of local people at all material times, and make that the raison d'être of their administrations. Ordinary people must reject the abominable idea of consenting to the spending of hapless taxpayers' money to create yet more Regional Houses of Chiefs - instead of spending that money to organise a referendum to make grassroots-level democracy possible: by electing the chief executives and members of MMDAs. Voters in the areas of our country where the December 27th referendum will be held must be bold and reject the creation of more regions by voting no - for it is not in their nation's interest. Full stop. Case closed. Haaba.

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