Opinion | Dec 21, 2018

Ho Ho Ho What an Akufo-Addo Christmas

I have often surmised that if GOD nurtures and sends a chosen one to a community, then they can expect nothing less than better circumstances, improving infrastructural development, abundance of food, peace, and the continuation of a prophecy that was made the day that person was conceived.

I am not being charitable, but the circumstances under which this country saw the emergence of His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo was nothing short of miraculous. For the better part of my 51 years, I have plied the length and breadth of Ghana, and my father before me, but never have I seen such abundance of food, and a will by total strangers to offer their goods at fair prices as I have seen lately. The area of Ejisu Yaa Asantewaa roundabout has become a perpetual marketplace, and prices are appreciably affordable. Along the Kumasi-Techiman road foodstuffs are everywhere almost covering the 120 km stretch. Kintampo is bustling with local traders. Stores that were a semblance of skeletal remains are now full and robust. The glee on the faces of traders tells the unique Akufo-Addo story. This phenomenon replicates everywhere in our beloved country, Ghana!

Haters of course will tell you that times are hard. The irony is that they can afford to spend lavishly on cars, landed properties, girlfriends, concubines, and other unnecessary opulence, but they forcibly try to drum home an unholy picture, much contrary to what is hanging on their walls.

Only the lazy will sing the devil’s song, and dance to the choreography of a hell that nation-wreckers tap to.

Hotels are bubbling with life! The roads are congested with vehicular traffic, which means that people can afford travel! For the first time in many many years, rural folks celebrate birthdays with traditional cuisine and dessert. Though some do not enjoy our contemporary goodies, local sobolobo and cake is healthy and best! Most people are now able to afford three square meals a day with their children!

It is quite disenchanting to hear fake opinion leaders play game with the lives of Ghanaians. Their communicators are loud with nonsense that speaks to political desperation of a few wanting a return to a flushed out status quo of hypocrisy, embezzlement, and derailment. When you have babies with sharp teeth, and others with heavily loaded diapers, parading their doggedness in parliament, you realise that change is here to stay with the NPP. When you have irresponsible legislators peddling lies and faking documents to make it seem as if the Foreign Minister is corrupt, you know that there is massive evil brewing in the storm of their tea cup. Shirley Ayorkor Botchway is fantastically incorruptible if you ask me. Not for any reason would I say this other than putting the records straight about the integrity of such people manning the sensitive positions in the government of His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo. When you have people who for parochial political interests cross the red line to insult and accuse the innocent Chief of Staff so that their umbrella party can snatch NPP’s Ayawaso Wuogon seat, you know there is political cannibalism in connivance with a few stomach politicians from within my own NPP.

When you have people in opposition scrambling to shake hands with the President yet turn around to say that the perfume he wears is fake because they have nothing negative to say about him, you know that there is foul play that is detrimental to the general good. When you are told that there is no peace in the North yet you visit the region only to find harmonious co-existence, you know that scare-mongering is not only a political gimmick, but a treasonably dangerous rhetoric that threatens to shred the unity of our country. When you are told that people are opposed to the creation of new regions, only to hear positive discourse on the subject when you go round on a fact finding mission, you know that there is a certain opposition party that knows that it has been relegated to the dumpster of political history, hardly possible to resurface again.

Ho ho ho, what an Akufo-Addo Christmas!


By Fadi Dabbousi

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