CPP News | Sep 12, 2018

Ghanaians Must Say No To Dual Partisan System--Prof Edmund Delle

Prof Edmund Delle, the Chairman of the Convention People's Party (CPP) has said that Ghanaians must put a stop to the dual partisan political party systems and give the CPP opportunity to govern the country for the achievements of change through industrialization.

Prof Delle gave the assurance to Ghanaians that when the CPP is voted into power, it will practice all inclusive governance.

"We will involve all who are ready and competent to work with the CPP to move Ghana forward devoid of political colours".

Speaking to ModernGhana in an exclusive interview in Accra, the Chairman for the CPP said he believes that the CPP is coming back come 2020 to push for a collective governance.

"Once you are a Ghanaian who is able to help the country to progress, we will involve you".

"People are losing confidence in our institutions, our leaders and our political parties" the Chairman stressed.

Prof Delle also indicated that the CPP also called on the President, Nana Addo to lead with greater inclusiveness, and to govern in consultation with all parties, so we are united and aligned on singular vision to move our country forward.

"CPP party faithful and the general public have sent a message to His excellency , that they are worried about the management of the political environment.

He said there is, therefore a sense in which we have descended into an abyss of partisan politics and acrimonious bickering.

"All we (CPP) cry for as a party is that we create a Ghana of equal opportunity, a country where it doesn't matter whether you are a man or a woman, a Fante or a Dagomba, it doesn't matter where you are born, but so far as you are born a Ghanaian, you have a fair shot: you have clean water, free and quality education, accessible and quality Healthcare, and the basic infrastructure where with hard work, you can succeed and realize your dreams".

Electoral Commission Issues
"Am not happy with the Partisan Politics that is being associated with the Electoral Commission saga".

"Women should stand up and speak on this matter, it may be legally correct but politically incorrect to sack the EC boss and her 2 deputies" Prof Delle lamented.

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