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Bogoso; Lives at risk, as market women block off entrance of Health Centre.

That few seconds, which have to be spent to ask or blow a horn for them to pave way for ambulance or a taxi carrying that patient to pass to the health facility, can save that life which is being rushed to the health centre.

Sending your family member to the Bogoso Health Centre to seek emergency care on a Saturday, will leave you panicking, confused and furious, as the human life which lies in the vehicle and needs just some few seconds of care from a health worker to have that stable life, is impeded at the facility’s entrance.

Main entrance to the health centre at Bogoso, which is highly patronised apart from the over eighty (80) year old Municipal Hospital in Prestea, is blocked every Saturday by the activities of traders.

The traders are engaged in brisk business at the entrance of the health centre and its precinct amidst the noise, making attending to emergency services very problematic.

The taking over of the compound of Bogoso Health Centre by traders starts Friday night, when cargos arrive to offload foodstuffs there, in waiting for owners to come on the Saturday morning for market day.

Market women occupy the entrance as they appear unconcern about what their actions can lead to. They are only dispersed by heavy downpour, just as it happened Saturday, September 8, 2018.

As if that is not enough, some taxi drivers are gradually using the health centre’s compound as station to load passengers.

The vibrant Bogoso market day, which witnesses traders from various towns and regions in Ghana, residents say, should influence authorities in the Prestea Huni-Valley Municipality to plan for that day. Just so, to prevent trading at the clinic’s entrance.

They believe, if it is planned well, market women will not leave the main market area to the health centre which is about 500 metres away.

However, that has not been the case as the Prestea Huni-Valley Municipal Assembly, which is supposed to superintend over such issues seems not to be proactive.

Despite the calls to prevent dangers at the entrance of the health centre.

Checks by this reporter have it that, several reports sent to the Municipal Assembly for the past two years by the Municipal Health Director, highlighted the impediments the actions by traders cause the health workers in attending to emergencies.

In an attempt to calm down the health workers and citizens who have raised concerns about the situation, a promise was made by the municipal assembly to build a fence wall for the health facility, but that appears to have hit a snag.

Many believe that, if the wall is built, it will forestall the dangers that come with traders blocking the main entrance of the Bogoso Health Centre.

Health workers have described the years of the lingering situation, very worrying.

They therefore plead with authorities to expedite action in preventing selling at the compound and main entrance of the Bogoso health Centre, for lives, are important.

Some Traders Around The Entrance

Entrance Of The Health Centre

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