Opinion | Sep 11, 2018

How China Fought Ebola In Africa To Save Business With The Continent

Many Africans consider the Chinese people as a nuisance because they are aggressive and lawbreakers. We have read a lot about them involved in illegal mining in Ghana many times. But this article will reveal to you how the Chinese government has helped to shape Africa, while that hasn’t been an interest to the West and America.

China was once like Africa. They suffered manipulation, destabilization of economy and unrest, in the hands of the US government. Like North Korea, China wouldn’t like to be a doormat for the American government to step on, therefore, they trained their nationals to be specialists in many fields to be one of the most fearful countries in Asia.

To be successful, they shut their windows to the outside world and controlled their internet regularly to avoid the infiltration of the US government. The political strategy maintained by China actually made them successful because the US government never had the opportunity to control their economy.

Why America hates China in this manner? According to the jealous US government, China has flooded the international market with its cheap products. China actually didn’t force its products on Africa but the African continent accepted it because the commodities are affordable.

America is not also happy that China has taken over Africa after colonization and would like to restrict or reduce the influence of China on Africa to sabotage the country's business in the continent. This can never be done by war; therefore, America used Ebola to destabilize Africa’s economy.

It seems China has an antidote to America’s clandestine crimes. During the Ebola outbreak in West African countries of Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea, the crisis highlighted the role of China to send the largest ever humanitarian mission to the affected countries.

That wasn’t the end. China sent a team of health experts to the Democratic Republic of Congo to help fight an Ebola outbreak in the west-central African nation, using a vaccine developed by the country to help combat the disease.

To summarize this article it worth for African leaders to deal with China, in regards to business and developments in the continent if they don't want to depend on their own labour force. Because China hasn't any dirty mind to destroy Africa but America has.

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