Opinion | Sep 9, 2018

Why Ghana Needs A Serious Leader

Europe and America tourism industries flourish more than Africa because of healthy environments and good water-waste drainage systems

The economy of Ghana is at its worst at the moment, not only because of rampant corruption but it's also obvious that the government is spending money on wrong projects which are not bringing in any income to support the ailing economy.

Tourism is one of the important sectors which have an impact on the development and economy of a country. The key benefits of tourism are income creation, the generation of jobs and the promotion of the diversity of culture.

However, we need to know why some countries tourism sectors have been very successful, generating thousands of dollars yearly, yet other countries are struggling, crawling, and scratching to be known or available on the list of best tourist countries.

Before the disintegration of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics- RUSSIA, countries, such as Bulgaria, Romania, Czech, Slovakia, East German, Poland, etc, under Russia, were still attracting thousands of tourists into their countries, despite that, they are Eastern European countries, because of the hidden sewage drainage systems.

They weren’t all that rich like their Western counterparts but because of how wastes are handled and recycled, tourists have no need to worry about any health hazard. Thus, the success of a country’s tourism doesn’t only depend on sightseeing, wildlife, good hotels or historical monuments, but also how clean the environment of that country is.

Hazardous waste doesn’t only affect the environment but also affects individual health and well-being, Therefore, it's necessary that every country must follow a good waste disposal plan. Ghana, therefore, needs to control air, soil and water pollutions by depending on good underground drainage waste disposal systems.

Due to the poor drainage systems, open sewage, stinky stagnant malaria-breeding mosquito gutters, Africa is far behind in development and the tourism sectors are gradually collapsing. However, some African countries have realized that and, therefore, have begun improving their waste disposal facilities.

Ghana’s rich custom and heritage have a lot to boost the tourism sector to international tourism. Since many are afraid to visit Africa due to diseases, such as malaria, Africa needs serious leaders to push the continent forward.

Development means investment, thus until the Ghanaian government gets rid of those dangerous open sewage and the smelly mosquito-breeding gutters the country will lose thousands of dollars yearly.

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