Opinion | Sep 7, 2018

The Guidance Of God

God doesn’t call everyone to be a minister or a missionary, but He will guide you into the place of His special choosing if you surrender to Him. He always leads to the calling of greatest usefulness. When you follow the Lord, life becomes a beautiful adventure. He will always direct your steps along the paths of highest blessing.

There is a Guide who never falters, and when He leads I cannot stray, for step by step He goes before me and marks my path---He knows the way. God may lead you around, But He will always lead you aright (Our Daily Bread April 18, 1991.)

How forcefully this reminds us that the only triumphs worth of the name, the only victories which will outlast time, the only conquests we can ever have which are worthy of mention, are those which begin with Christ’s triumph over you and me.

“Thanks be unto God who in His victory over us gives us the victory! Thanks be to Him who always leads us in triumph” (Maxwell, Abandon to Christ)!

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