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Happy Father's Day To All Fathers From Sugar Dem Ministries

Fathers play important roles in the lives of their children. As a purpose- driven organization that seeks to bring peace on the earth realm , we join the rest of the world today to celebrate the presence of Fathers.

Fatherhood is a calling and fathers are founders of generations. As Fathers move, so move the family, so move the community, so move the country and so move the world.

As sad it may seem, culture is sending erroneous and conflicting signals about what it means to be a father. The adage, "wa hunu akoko nini a, ne mma di nakyi da?"(Have u ever come across a flock of baby chicks following a cock?), confirms this erroneous impression created by cultures over the years.

The Cultural concepts of fatherhood do not reflect the full purpose of fathers and most children are uncared for by their fathers under it.

Contemporary concepts of fatherhood on the other hand tend to focus on roles instead of purpose and identity that the word of God clearly spells out.

This crisis needs urgent intervention because aside making Fathers foundationally weak and indecisive, it promotes an unhealthy cooperation and communication between Fathers and their children.

To solve this issue, fathers need an everlasting relationship with God that encourages total submission to God's Holy will.

As a matter of fact, a godly father does not provoke his children(Ephesians 6:4), he doesn't react in anger and calls his children names like fool, stupid etc and he doesn't abandon his children.

Instead, a godly father hears from God, sows the fruit of the spirit in his children, spends quality time with them, cares for them, trains them in the ways of the Lord, listens to them attentively and provides their needs.

Life outside God's presence does not encourage and include the above ingredients.

The role of a father in a child's life cannot be ignored. It is only fitting that we at Sugardemministries join the rest of the world to wish all Fathers the best of the celebration and remind them of how awesome they are to the world.

Nana Ama Asantewaa Kwarkoh
CEO/Founder of Sugardemministries.

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