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How Libyan Children Were Deliberately Infected With HIV Virus

God only knows the reason despite all the troubles Africa has gone through, it is the wish of many developed countries including, Belgium, Holland, and America to see the continent crippled, either by war, ethnic conflicts or diseases.

When it comes to the destruction of Africa, the West and America do their mathematics very well.

They know African leaders very well, the good, the bad and the ugly. Two African leaders the West and America know they don’t tolerate nonsense were former Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi and Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.

The two leaders don’t have any trust for America and the West to the extent that, foreign journalists are not allowed to enter into Libya and Zimbabwe.

Mugabe has a reason for hating America and the West. Formally Rhodesia, Zimbabwe was a healthy country, under the regime of Ian Smith, during the colonial era.

After independence in the eighties, the country discovered HIV antibodies among the population after vaccination by the Pasteur Institute of France, against Zimbabwean children.

Not only HIV was found by the Zimbabwe administration, the contaminated vaccine gave birth to the explosion of venereal diseases.

Since Mugabe and Qaddafi wouldn't like to do anything with the West and America, the plan to infect Libyan children with HIV virus was hatched in Eastern Europe, because it is easy to convince the Libyan government that Eastern Europeans need a job than Western Europeans.

Without any suspicion in February 1998, the nurses arrived to take jobs at Al Fateh Children’s Hospital in Benghazi, Libya’s second-largest city.

Within February and August that year, children at the hospital began testing positive for H.I.V. Health authorities soon realized there is a fresh break of a problem which they haven't experienced.

Dozens of Bulgarian medical workers were arrested and a videotaped search of the apartment of one purported to turn up vials of H.I.V.-tainted blood. At least two of the nurses eventually confessed but they lied later that they had been forced to do so under torture.

How could qualified doctors use tainted blood without their knowledge? I don’t think an uneducated person from any remote planet would believe this.

Poor innocent Libyan children were victims of deliberate HIV virus infection.

Over four hundred Libyan children were deliberately infected with the HIV virus and many of them died. Angry Qaddafi commuted the death sentences of the five Bulgarian nurses and the Palestinian doctor for intentionally infected hundreds of Libyan children with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. By that time 50 children had already died.

Already there were reactions coming from some of the world leaders that the nurses were innocent. They know Qaddafi, the reason they called him ‘Mad Dog,’ definitely the nurses and the Palestinian doctor wouldn't leave Libya alive.

They compensated the families of the infected children. Each received $1 million.

Qaddafi is dead and gone, but those who continue to depopulate Africa will definitely meet their Waterloo one day. There is no doubt that Africa has been a target for destruction. Power, greed, selfishness and ruthless intentions, continue to rule the heart of man, without any consideration for the future generation. Unfortunately, the leaders have made it possible because of corruption but there is time for everything.

The world isn't getting better and it won't. I am not a prophet or clairvoyant, but believe it or not, what we are presently witnessing in the world is just the tip of the iceberg. More political chaos, suicides, turmoil, and unrest shall continue to hit this world without any remedy to fulfill the prophecies in the Holy Bible.

The truth about Aids and Ebola as medical crimes engineered by the US government against humanity confirms that the Libyan children were deliberately infected with the HIV virus,

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