Education | Dec 13, 2017

Austin Evans Brew Wishes All Students A Successful End Of Semester Examinations

Examination is one mode of assessment as part of a school's graduation criteria without which one cannot have a successful graduation.

Many panic lately having heard of examination because it is one of such hectic and mind-blowing moments of the educational activities.

Well, life they say requires hard work and hard work, in turn, pays.

It is my humble pleasure to use this ample opportunity to wish all students a successful end of semester exams and it is my prayer and hope that, the good Lord in heaven grant you good health, retentive memory and above all, the grace to come out successfully.

Let us be mindful of examination rules and regulations so as not to get ourselves into trouble or find ourselves wanting.

I use this opportunity to also wish well-meaning for our colleague level 400s on the off-campus program and it is my prayer and hope that the good Lord in heaven establish them on favour and success as they embark on such a program.

I urge all not to forget to pray for divine favour and success because we may not find it successful without God and it is my prayer and hope that, the good Lord reward your struggles during the semester.

I use this opportunity to also wish a Merry Christmas and a happy new year to the entire university fraternity.

Long Live Ghana!
Long Live University of Education Winneba!!
Written by ...….
Austin Evans Brew.
GHAMSU President
Efifiduase Diocese
University of Education Winneba
(Mampong campus, CAGRIC) - Level 200.

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