Opinion | Dec 11, 2017

Why I believe Stephen Ntim is the Next Chairman of NPP

Let me tell you a bit about Chairman Stephen Ntim. I, affectionately, call him Senior Stevo.

Well, he is, so far, the most accessible politician after Their Excellences, President and Vice President. Besides, he has such popularity that it shakes his opponents just thinking about it. The problem is that those other aspirants for the race of NPP chairman, seem to have hypnotised themselves to believe that they stand an iota of a chance. Somehow, they are not blamable, you know. After all, we all fancy a place to be or a situation to benefit from.

In this case, the challenge is a bit more complex than that.

Steven Ntim, might have run thrice already. Truth be told, he would have won the last elections hands down, had not the devil in Afoko outsmarted the NPP. But then again, as my senior brother, Sir John, would say, “fear delegate”! Actually, let me put it in a better context. There were a number of high profile personalities in the previous race that divided the votes. All the same, Chairman Stephen Ntim won an appreciable endorsement, just a little below Afoko’s. If the others had realised the danger that the sacked Paul Afoko had posed, just a bit of consolidation would have averted the chairmanship crisis by giving Ntim that landslide victory. Then the Afoko saga of shame would never have come to light. Anyway, come to think of it, it was an experience worth the worry. We learn from mistakes, and I hope the Afoko lesson will never depart our sense of reasoning. It shall never bedevil us again.

Chairman Freddie Blay is a sweet good ‘ol fella. His case was one of serendipity because when Paul Afoko was discarded like unwanted chalewote, the next in line was Uncle Blay. I admire him a lot, and because of that, I do advise him not to contest. Although he will get votes, I reckon they will be short of a number to write home about! Why do I say so? Well, from information that I am getting, most regions are agitating for Chairman Steven Ntim. In fact, if you conducted polls as at now, you would realise that his popularity is brimming.

Some are campaigning on mere slander! There is one candidate, who is crafting his messages to belittle the hierarchy of the party. What purpose does it serve when one tows a line of denigration of elders? So, in the very very unlikely event that he won, would he not be incensed to be spoken of with the same tone as that he is employing at this time to propel himself on the backdrop of insinuations, casting a silent slur on party elders?

Then there is the issue of Alhaji Short. Such a gentleman! But he is the least grounded in this chairmanship contest, next to the one immediately described above. Alhaji Short, it would seem is banking on Northern alliances and support. However, this is the time that ethnicity and specific demographic support will not work because most minds are made up on the most affable and accessible of all the candidates; and Stephen Ntim, in my candid opinion is the most competent yet. His levelheadedness has proven his salt on many occasions. One thing that he has that all the contestants do not is his irenic characteristic of uniting the party with all its different flavour members, supporters, and sympathisers.

Chairman Blay’s team is banking on a slogan that he is a good driver because he drove us to the Promised Land. Habbbbba! Respectfully, I mean, the car was already driven by His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo to the peripheries of the Promised Land, and the suspended Chairman was supposed to continue from there along the short distance through the gates. Paul Afoko drove the car off course as if he was intoxicated by over-consumption of pito. Subsequently, he was set aside for the mate to take over. The mate, finally, lurched it through the gates. As a matter of fact, there was the risk of failure had not the party hierarchy put shoulder to bumper to help Uncle Freddie to drive a straight line.

So, in my opinion, Chairman Stephen Ntim, becomes the best and most favoured candidate for the upcoming Chairmanship race of the NPP; and he is 100% supportive of His Excellency the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. His allegiance to the President is intransigent, non-negotiable and very un-Afoko like.

Rest ye contestants, for the name seems to be Stephen Ntim, this time round! Good luck to all!

By Fadi Dabbousi

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