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Re: What the Reality Deniers are refusing to acknowledge

“The latest mischievous and libelous article on the University of Education, Winneba ended with the following, “I patiently await the 'deniers' rebuttals to the above submissions”. So what exactly are you impugning? That, if you are a Chief Executive of an organization and there are ethnic, tribalistic and xenophobic misunderstandings arising from an akpeteshie seller's illusion and Hon. Member of Parliament's dream to control a University which is on their land, you cannot appeal to the former President of the Country, the Traditional Chief, and the Minister of Education? What crime has the two Principal Officers committed to appeal to the prominent persons to intervene? Have they gone there with a truck load of money or gold to bribe them and for them to cover up any acts of impropriety and corruption? So Alhassan Salifu Bawah has no knowledge of diplomacy and skills of conflict resolution?

Let me be quick to reply you that we are all ready for the legal gymnastics in the Winneba High Court in October. You appear to be very ignorant of the very law that you claimed to have read. Have you been called to the Bar? Can you practice as a professional Lawyer? Can you come to court to defend anybody? No, No, is what you will say! If yes, then join the legal team of the akpeteshie seller and come to court to meet the Vice Chancellor and Finance Officer's Lawyers.

In any case: Why are you hiding and making mockery of rule of law? Why can't the akpeteshie Seller's suit or charges be filed against the Vice Chancellor and Finance Officer? What was the case? Has the VC and FO been sued directly at the Winneba High Court? Have they been summoned or subpoena to appear and charges pronounced against them? Was the Finance Officer not in Court with an application for a joinder and it was rejected? Why will the court not grant the joinder for him to come with a Lawyer of his own to meet the akpeteshie seller and the MP? So who is scared of the rule of law and the court?

You are making so much noise in and around with this UEW “kokofu” law suit. Breaches of Acts 672 and 663. I am not a Lawyer BUT I bet you, I can successfully argue this case and win! It is frivolous and vexatious. You know it yourself, that is how come you appear to be running away with the truth and the realities. What then are the Realities?

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1. Case: Supi Kofi Kwayera vrs. University of Education, Winneba (1st defendant), Ministry of Education (2nd defendant) and the Attorney General of Ghana (3rd defendant); was not directly filed against the Vice Chancellor and Finance Officer to appear in court. Tell them to properly file the case, OK!

2. That you are not aware that so far it's only UEW that has responded and has been appearing in court? That the Ministry of Education who failed in appointing new Government nominees does not find it necessary to come to Winneba High Court?

3. That you were not aware that the Government of the NDC President John Mahama officially authorized all Governing Councils in Ghana to stay on in office and continue work? The Former Minister of Education had openly admitted this in Parliament House of Ghana. This information was captured in Parliamentary debate of 23rd June 2016 Fourth Series Vol.94 NO. 22 Column 2195 to 2202. I guess you don't even know this fact!

4. The reality is also that the Former President of the Republic has same prerogative to extend the office of anybody or Governing Council just as it is happening today. Yes, the President Nana Addo has the prerogative to extend the number of years for the IGP for 2 more years to stay in office and work for the state! I guess you are not aware of that! Challenge me and I'll give you the details, OK!

5. The reality is also that, a pro-NPP University of Education, Winneba Lawyer, Peter Zweness cannot defend a perceived NDC and Ewe Professor and Vice Chancellor who was legitimately appointed and vested as the Vice Chancellor of the UEW. So are you aware that Peter Zweness was not in Court on the two days that the motion for injunction was moved? NO or YES? In criminal jurisprudence can a court prosecute without a legal representation of an accused person? That, there was no Lawyer even to put in a plea for the UEW? That is a fact!

6. What was the rank and qualification of the person you are rooting for at that time when the advert for the VC was publicly advertised? Can you reply and let the publisher know? Was he not an Associate Professor? Was he able to beat the Full Professors in the interview? No, then how can he be appointed as the Vice Chancellor? No court can appoint a Vice Chancellor for a University of the 21st Century. He's an Acting VC which terminology one cannot locate in the University's Acts and Statutes!

7. Just consider this statement of yours, “The case is not grounded on one tribe, race, creed, or ethnic group or a political party against the other. Ghana, it must be pointed out, is not governed by 'tribal laws', so alleged wrongdoing cannot be settled along tribal lines”.

My response: To remove the Vice Chancellor and Finance Officer of the UEW from office was a political campaign promise by Hon. Alexander Afenyo Markin. The voice recording and the transcript are available. Go ahead, throw a challenge and I'll provide them for you to see and hear!

8. Just consider this other statement of yours, “However, I throw my support behind him because he didn't 'Machiavellingly' influence the top hierarchy of a trade union to support him in his bid to become the VC of UEW.”

I wish to inform you that there was intelligence, long ago that two groups of people namely, the NPP group and Supporters of the Pro VC have been meeting long ago. So all what is happening are not just coincidental or drama, but rather well-rehearsed acts of mafia coup plotting. So your use of 'Machiavellingly' is most appropriate for what is happening in the UEW.

9. “Anyone, who believes that he or she is going to award public contracts to cronies without due regard to the Public Procurement Act, 2003, Act 663, and its amendments” Alhassan Salifu Bawah

So, I continue to ask you, if it comes out that all the contracts awarded in the UEW were all supervised and monitored by the PPA and there are PPA's approval letters on all of them, what will you Alhassan Salifu Bawah and your publishers do? In the nearest future, if you are brought before a court of competent jurisdiction for publishing libelous articles on the UEW, what will you do?

By the way, what do you mean by CEPS officials and who is Ernest Ansah?

Epiphany K. Agbeshie (a Senior Assistant Registrar & Vice President of Ghana Association for University Administrators- GAUA, Winnneba)

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