03.12.2020 | Social News

6-year-old Princess Awiyah launches product line

Princess Awiyah, daughter of Dentaa Amoateng MBE has launched a new product line.

This was after the young entrepreneur launched her first product ‘Princess Awiyah Hair’ which was sold worldwide at the age of 6.

He has now launched her next product called the ‘Princess Awiyah Shea butter’ which is a range of skincare products including Alata Semina (black soap) and the popular Ghanaian exfoliator (sapor).

Princess Awiyah is known to have excellent skin which comes with a unique chocolate glow.

When asked what inspired her to come up with her line of products she stated: “My Mum always uses shea butter on my skin and I know it has contributed greatly to me having this type of skin therefore, I wanted everyone around the world to share in the beauty shea butter brings with a touch of love for everyone.”

According to her, she hopes her loved ones from the diaspora get to have a feel of this native goodness from Ghana.

Mother and manager of the young entrepreneur Dentaa Amoateng MBE said she is very happy about the launch of these products and believes that a lot of people around the world will share in the joy and the benefits her daughter and the family have been enjoying.