Enough is Enough


The Coalition has observed how some people deliberately want to create political tension in this country at this stage of our democracy.

Why are we saying this? We are not happy the way people are talking as if the creation of the new constituencies is going to bring this nation to an end.

We have listened to all parties and the Electoral Commission about the creation of forty five (45) newly constituencies. What we have observed is that none of the groups who object to CI78 is raising legalities and the constitutional obligations of the Electoral Commission. Rather, almost all of them are talking about morality. Should we sacrifice our constitution to benefit some group of people?

If we say the Electoral Commission is independent we mean it must act according to what the law says irrespective of how it will hurt some group of people.

The 'AFAG' and it members should therefore stop creating tension in the country though the demonstration is their constitutional right as the creation of the constituencies is also constitutional right by electoral commission.

Now there is some controversy here, is NPP a saint? Because it seems, everything they do, some of the religious leaders in this country see nothing wrong with that.

What law has EC breached? As far as our constitution is concern, the EC has not breached any law.

Everybody is talking about peace none of them is talking about justice. Does justice means putting aside the constitution and act according to your wish?

Again they are also talking about time. What binds the rest of the political parties to select their constituency executives and their parliamentary candidates? As we speak now there is a political party which has not even elects it flag bearer yet. If they asked EC to extend the time and EC refuses can that create mayhem?

The pastors who wrote pastoral letter dated April 8, 2005 should come together and write the same letter today to condemn AFAG for unnecessary tension they are creating in the country if they do not have any bad intention with the initial statement they made.

We were all in this country when NPP boycotted parliament in 1992. But Ghana parliament worked smoothly without any hindrances.

Our kind opinion to them is that, if they think they have not prepared for the new constituencies they can do the same as they did in 1992, it is not new to them.

We want to say emphatically that it is not compulsory to contest all the constituencies. They should leave us with the peace that we are enjoying.

Director of research
Yeboah Justice.

Almost all absurdity of conduct arises from the imitation of those whom we cannot resemble.
By: Samuel Johnson