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Pozzolana Cement Woos Contractors

By Daily Guide

As part of efforts to encourage building contractors in the Western region to utilize Clay Pozzolana cement in their work, officials of Pozzolana Ghana Limited, manufacturers of the cement, have educated contractors in the region on the proper use of the product at a forum in Takoradi.

The forum, which was also attended by representatives of Architectural and Engineering Services Limited (AESL), was also used to demonstrate how the clay pozzolana cement could be mixed with ordinary Portland cement for construction works.

Addressing the participants, Vivek Garg, Managing Director of Pozzolana Ghana Limited (PGL), explained that the clay cement manufacturing company, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PMC Global Incorporated of the United States of America.

He pointed out that for over 30 years in extensive research in pozzolana cement, the Centre for Scientific Research (CSIR), in partnership with PGL, commercialized the product for construction industries in the country.

He indicated that his outfit was poised to assist the AESL and the building contractors in the construction of schools and other facilities in the region.

Joe Addo, an agent with PGL, indicated that a lot of successful projects had been undertaken using the clay pozzolana and Portland cement including sandcrete blocks, concrete works, floor beds pavement blocks, culverts and drains among others.

Mr. Addo told the contractors to always mix the clay pozzolana with Portland cement in recommended ratio in dried state.

He added that the pozzolana cement, which is manufactured locally mainly from clay and palm kennel shells, produces cost-effective mortar and concrete and also minimizes the effect of sulphate attack.

'It also reduces the heat of hydration, bleeding and segregation of concrete, as well as the effect of alkali aggregate reactivity,' he noted.

Mr. Addo stressed that pozzolana cement was environmentally safe and suitable for polluted environment such as abandoned refuse dump sites.

 From Emmanuel Opoku, Takoradi

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