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Rawlings, Mumba Attends June 4 Church Service

Former President Jerry John Rawlings, (3rd left) his wife Nana Konadu (4th left), Former Vice-President of Zambia, Dr Mevers Mumba, (2nd left) and Dr Spio Gabrah (1st left) At the Action Chapel International during the thanksgiving service. A thanksgiving service has been organised to close activities marking the 33rd anniversary of the June 4 Revolution at the Action Chapel Prayer Cathedral in Accra.

The event was attended by former President Jerry John Rawlings and his wife Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings and some members of the National Democratic Congress.

The event was also attended by a former Vice-President of Zambia, Dr Mevers Mumba.

Speaking on the subject of discouragement, the Founder of Action Chapel, Archbishop Duncan Williams, said it was important for Ghanaians to guard against a discouraged spirit.

According to him, that was a way the devil fought people who would otherwise achieve great heights in life.

He advised Christians to cultivate the habit of being grateful to others who contributed to their life success.

“If you want to be celebrated, you have to celebrate what is worth celebrating,” he said.

He recounted with fond memory the role Ex-President Rawlings played in the establishment of the Action chapel, saying in the early 90s, he gladly released land for the building of the church’s current structure.

“President Rawlings also ensured that the ban on religious broadcast in this country was also lifted in the early 90s when he pleaded with him to do so, thus paving way for men of God to preach on state television”.

He expressed the hope that the country would stay united despite the challenges of the upcoming elections.

Ex-President Rawlings was full of praise to Archbishop Duncan-Williams for his lead role in entrenching quality standards in Christianity in Ghana.

He called on the government to put a check on how foreigners were taking over Ghana’s retail market, arguing that the activity rendered many ordinary Ghanaians jobless.

He urged the government to tighten the country’s immigration laws to ensure that unscrupulous foreigners do not enter the country for their illegal activities.

Mr Rawlings said political leaders must be guided by a commitment to be responsible to the electorate who put them in office and asked them to guard against a situation where political power got into their heads.

Touching on last week’s plane crash that occurred at the Kotoka International Airport, he called for a concerted effort to retrain the country’s pilots, saying that was necessary to avert any future occurrence.

He also touched on happenings in the ruling party, saying it had to revert to the basic principles and values on which the party was founded or suffer the cost for ignoring them.

He said the party had come a long way and it was critical for the current leadership not to throw its history away.

The former President called on the Archbishop and the entire Christian community to continue praying for the country to ensure that the peace currently being enjoyed was maintained and to also ensure that the right candidate emerged winner in December.

This year’s June 4 commemoration was marked on the theme “Integrity for a Sustainable Development'.

always think positive and positive things shall come to you in the name of ALLAH.
By: mashall

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