Terzi in Mozambique: “We believe in, and will invest in the country, and continue our cooperation initiatives”

By Italy - Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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By Italy - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

5/4/2012 2:50:00 PM -

ROME, Italy, May 4, 2012/African Press Organization (APO)/ -- “Italy has always believed in, and will invest in, Mozambique, which has also played a role in regional stability”. These were the words of Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi, speaking at the end of a meeting with Mozambique's Prime Minister, Bonifacio Aires Ali. Minister Terzi confirmed Italy's commitment to and collaboration with Mozambique. He also reiterated the importance of the new era of economic development that will open up after ENI's recent discovery of enormous gas reserves offshore from the country's northern coastline.

Mozambique ready to facilitate business initiatives

Terzi was accompanied by a delegation of business people, some of whom already present in this southern African country for many years. The Premier welcomed the delegation in the name of the entire government, and underscored the importance not just of investment but also of training for local people. He pointed out that Mozambique “is ready to facilitate business initiatives”.

In addition to new Italian investment in Mozambique, our country's cooperation initiatives will also continue “because there is still extensive poverty here”, commented Terzi when he met his counterpart, Oldemiro Baloi. Terzi assured the Mozambican Foreign Minister that Italy's support will continue, with 15 million euros pledged over the next 3 years.

Italy is “a privileged friend that is always in a front-line position”

Minister Terzi underscored the sound bilateral relationship between Italy and Mozambique. He recalled that this year sees the 20th anniversary of the Rome agreements that in 1992 brought an end – with Italy's mediation – to a long and bloody civil war.

Foreign Minister Baloi stressed that Italy is “aprivileged friend that is always in a front-line position”. He too underscored that alongside Italy's on-going cooperation input “a new era of development and economic growth is opening”.

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