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I hope this is a big question that all readers might want to know the answer.Following the saga that sorrounded the sale of Ghana Telecom was the decoupling of Ghana Telecom University from the deal.The Minister of Communication,Idrisu Haruna on 2nd April 2009 announced that governement intended to transform Ghana Telecom University into a fully fledged state university.Consequently,a memorandum of understaning(MOU) was to be signed before or by August 2009 to finalise the university's take over(http// this announcement by Mr Idrisu was a sigh of relief for me as a guardian, because I knew with the government's subsidy on tertiary education,especially on tuition fees, the exorbitant fees I have been paying(1200 Gh Cedis per semester)was going to be slashed to about 600 Gh Cedis a semester.

I have however noted with a great dismay that the university authorities are still billing students 1200 Gh.Cedis a semester, given that the government has taken over control of the university.If government has still not taken over,why the delay,and if it has,why has fees still not been subsidised? The good people of Ghana have the right to demand and know what has happened or is happening to this take over issue,especially with regard the tuition fees .Thus, it is my fervent hope that the government or the university authorities issue public statement about this concern.



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