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Barcelona : Neymar regularly offers 10% of his earnings to the Church!

The new recruit of FC Barcelona, Neymar is a great believer , at least according to his words. Asked about his new life, the Brazilian nugget rather relies on God.

“Religion represents all for me. That's all for me. God has always helped me; he is the one who gave all I have. I thank him every day. I do not have much time to go to worship at the moment, but as soon as I can, I make a quick getaway to the Baptist church I attended since I was a child. Even I continue to give a tenth of all I earn'

He is not the first Brazilian star to rely on God. Some of his seniors like Kaka did it, he admits:

“ Kaka is a great guy, one of the most correct guy that I met in football. He is an example to follow. It is said that, everyone practices religion in his own way, so we cannot compare. Even though I'm not like Kaka, I never hid that I was evangelical, I went to church, and there is no mystery about it. “

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