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Tanyigbe celebrates 60 years of peace and development under Togbe Adiko V


Tanyigbe (V/R), April 10, GNA – The people of Tanyigbe are celebrating the 60th anniversary of the reign of Togbe Kwasi Adiko V Fiaga of Tanyigbe Traditional Area.

In the entire period of his reign, Tanyigbe has not experienced any serious conflict, bitter enmity or quarrel between the clans or amongst the other traditional divisions.

“It means that Togbe was on the throne before majority of the people were born. So all we know is that the love and cordiality, peace and tranquillity that we enjoyed and continue to enjoy in Tanyigbe all these years were carefully supervised by the master architect.” These were contained in a brochure titled “Celebration of 60 years Reign, Togbe Kwasi Adiko V Fiaga of Tanyigbe Traditional Area.”

The celebration, under the theme, “celebrating 60 years reign, sustaining Chieftaincy at Tanyigbe” was climaxed with a grand durbar at Tanyigbe over the weekend with the establishment of a Chieftaincy Endowment Fund in honour of Togbe Adiko.

Togbe Adiko said, “Indeed, all of you assisted in diverse ways to enable me to lead you peacefully and successfully through the sixty years and the most important ingredient was your humility, without which my reign couldn't have been a success. I honour you all Naaviwo for it.”

Major-General Henry Anyidoho (rtd), Ngoryifia of Tanyigbe, said Togbe Adiko has been a great inspiration to his people who were equally ready to honour him with their skills and expertise.

He said Togbe Adiko has always worked for peace and unity and progress beyond his traditional area which led to the establishment of the Norvisi Development Union (Nordu) comprising 10 other neighbouring traditional areas.

Some landmark projects accomplished under Togbe Adiko were a new four-classroom Senior School, a Postal Agency and Telecommunication Service in 1952 and 1957 respectively, a clinic, Junior High Schools, the Tanyigbe Senior High School and extension of electricity to the traditional area.


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