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Conjoined twins born in C/R but doctors say no separation

By myjoyonline

Another set of Siamese twins has been delivered at the Central Regional Hospital.

The two girls are joined in the chest and have one heart. They also share one sex organ.

The Medical Director of the hospital, Dr Daniel Asare said no attempt should be made to separate them because of the high fatality rate involved in this type of condition.

“They are doing well and nobody intends to separate them. They were born together and they will stay together,” the doctor stated, maintaining “There is no cause to separate them”.

Dr Asare explained that the babies are joined with one heart though they have two stomachs. “So you are going to divide the heart and kill them?”

He noted that about 40 percent of conjoined twins “are like that” and they live normal lives.

Therefore, Dr Asare insisted that “Societies must support them to live rather than send them to their graves prematurely.”

Story by Ghana/Joy News

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