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Ghana is said to be peaceful

Who says we want war

Everyone is very thankful

For we’ve made democracy grow tall

Ghana is said to be very stable

Who says we want to now fall

This is not just an imaginary fable

It’s a pride and legacy for us all

But it never began so smooth and stable

For we have struggled for so long

Postcolonial history not palatable

Coup d’état was our daily song

Since Nkrumah’s indigenous overthrow

Civilians could not just sleep in peace

Political instability was our big blow

Until years later when it began to cease

The journey to peace was very tough

From the shackles of military rule

But Ghanaians relentlessly fought

As they supported the rule by the thumb

Now Democracy flows through our veins

Whether it‘ll cause all our resources

No one ever minds its cost and pains

Since we now glitter from all global sources

Yea, who dare destroys the peace we now have

Is it political bigots in intoxicated power?

Who dare crosses our hard won peaceful path?

Our two turn over test democratic victory

Indeed, Ghana is bigger than any party

Whether winners or losers of elections

For our peace is globally pretty

And it will nullify any artificial tension

She was pregnant with the child of peace

At the maternity of 7th December

Thank God electoral thumbs conceived it

And not civil war that others always remember

Only one leader can rule in Ghana at a time

All political stakeholders must know that fact

But the leader is for all Ghanaians to dine

And not on a single party’s path and line

Ghana has made it again for all Africans

A democratic win of peace over war

Let it promote development for us all

And make our nation great and strong

Oh yes, we have only one Ghana

Who says we want to gamble in war

Let Ghanaians “defend only one homeland”

It’s Ghana and not any party;

That is our only motherland.

Poem by

Samson C. Agbelengor


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