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Ghana Commercial Bank Limited (GCB) has donated GH¢ 50,000.00 to the Typhoid Project to assist in research and treatment of Typhoid.

The amount is to fund a four-year study in Typhoid bowel perforation, a fatal complication of Typhoid fever which requires emergency surgical intervention and which mostly affects children and young people under 30 years of age.

Presenting the cheque, Mr. Simon Dornoo, Managing Director of GCB said “the Bank is committed to supplementing the health care needs of Ghanaians and the immense contribution made by health personnel in the treatment of typhoid fever”.

He noted that there is the need for advocacy to help eradicate typhoid fever through an improvement in public sanitation conditions, the promotion of hygienic habits and the provision of proper drinking water and drainage systems.

Mr. Dornoo added that, there was the need for a convergence of ideas from the various sectors of national development to help eradicate such diseases.

Dr. Baako, a Consultant Surgeon at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital and a champion of the Typhoid Project who received the cheque, thanked GCB for the donation.

He said this will enable the project find a more effective method of treating the disease as compared to the fixed operating procedures traditionally used.

Dr. Baako said it was disheartening to have a patient who is beyond help brought to the hospital for treatment.

He supported Mr. Dornoo's suggestion for the convergence of ideas in the country to partner the project towards the eradication of typhoid fever.

Typhoid fever is a bacterial infection of the intestinal tract and bloodstream spread through contaminated food or water and which affects a sizeable number of the growing population.

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