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To My Uncle Tarkwa Atta - A Tribute (16)


has been

especially slow

and rather boring,



there isn't much

that is enlivening

to report

or talk about,

save that which

you already know –

and it is

the fact that

your exit continues

to be wildly relished

and celebrated

by the Shit-Bombers

in the dubious name

of grief;

in reality,


they are still


your nonesuch

elephant-kill –

you guessed it,

rather than contritely use

their own chunky bit

of the faux-judgment debt


from the Woyome Fund,

they decided to play

on the soft spot

of the people

by launching

a funeral donation

in your name –

funny though,

as yet,

nobody knows

how much

has been fetched

passing one of your

Stetson hats

down and


the aisles

of Makola and


markets –

and yet,



was all over

the airwaves

pretending to thank


in your name,

like a dead man

knows how to

cover his nudity

with a strip

of calico…


you guessed right,

once again,


the Stinking Cowhide guy

was at it again,



he has no idea

how many cadgers

have been passing

your Stetsons around;

and he couldn't

care less,

though he believes

out of the goodness

of the hearts

of the self-anointed


the correct number

shall be known

by the close

of the day…

fat chance,

like he just arrived

in town –

and boy

didn't he just

arrive in town…

he thinks

this whole damn thing

is a Cubano fiesta;


I am not

buying it…

after all,

wasn't it this same

Mister Stinking Cowhide

who collaborated

with Jato-Patapaa

to put the state's

prime realty

and factories

on the auction block,

and gifted

the cannery

on the cusp

of my ancestral land

to Jato's wife

in the dubious name

of divestiture,

legalized plunder,

that is…

and so

the probity and


and house-cleaning


goes on,

and there is

no telling

where it is apt

to end,

for there is

no kite

in sight

in the sky,

and none

of the aggrieved

and bereaved

are spoiling

for a fight…


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