A TOAST OF THANKS; for all mothers

By Adama Bukari
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By Adama Bukari

5/13/2012 1:22:41 PM -

In your protruding belly;
I clutched your entrails wearily.

I tore your legs apart,
And made you display your wares,
With no thought of watching eyes,
That stared at you in fright.

Whilst reeling in pain so bashfully,
About the incisors,
That had ripped through your fleshy muscles,
You smiled at me so beautifully.

At my command;
You were enslaved.

Your sleep was mine to decide;
Your freedom was under my rule;
Yet, you submitted to my call;
And pitilessly, I increased the toll.

In my mouth,
You offered your pride;
And I sucked in glee.

At your back,
I paid my eyes with rest,

And seasons upon seasons;
Days upon days;
You jostled on hostile paths,
In search of berries,
For my insatiable intestines.

I am here today;
And seeing you at the bay;
I know you're reminiscing days gone by;
When the rope of AGAPE had bonded us so strongly.

Mother, with our promises unbroken;
Our bond unshaken;
Our dreams unspoken;
The untold story of pain and happiness has just begun!

And still bonding together;
We are sailing together,
To catch the dreams together.

My thoughts are alive,
And I can only say;
Thank you,
My God-sent mother.

Happy, Happy Mothers' Day!!

Adama Bukari
May 13, 2012

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