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Bedouins free kidnapped Brazilian women: officials


BRASILIA (AFP) - Two Brazilian women tourists kidnapped by Egyptian Bedouins on Sunday in the Sinai peninsula were released hours later, in good health, a Brazilian Foreign Ministry spokesman told AFP.

"We have had confirmation that they have been freed, and that they were taken to their hotel where the rest of the passengers on the bus they were traveling on are staying," the source said on condition of anonymity.

As far as the Egyptian guide, "we do not have information about the person who was with them. Regarding the Brazilians, we do know that they are in good health," the spokesman added.

The two armed Bedouin stopped a tour bus containing 38 tourists and abducted the two women and a guide at gunpoint, before driving off with them towards the peninsula's mountains, another police official said.

The incident marked the third kidnapping of foreign tourists in two months in the Sinai.