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Patience or sacrifice for the best...?

Selecting the 'best' is always a big problem in most corporate. Subjectivity and personal likes/preferences dominate in most choice or selection process. The personal preferences badly affect the selection of the 'best' in most instances. How one should overweigh ones personal likes and reasons while selecting the best, one should learn from nature. Nature has some finest examples to offer to corporate on how to select the best.

Marriage in the animal world is not based on the astrological agreements of the horoscopes or through the service of various matrimonial agencies or by one exchanging its love to the other. The female animals choose wisely the partner during the breeding season.

Most animals are seasonal breeders; it means they breed only during a particular season. Hence, all animals know the fact that the breeding season is very precious for procreation and cannot be wasted or missed. Procreation is very important as that is how the future of the clan can be ensured.

Although animals know the above truth, but no animal ever rush to action under any circumstances just to meet procreation. All animals know how important procreation is so important the selection of a right partner. The female animals patiently wait to identify the potential male to mate her. Unless the proven capabilities are identified and certified in a male animal, she will never allow them to come near to her.

Sex means pleasure and which is not only true to a human being but to all animals also. When a female animal is in heat and a male is there to woo her, why she does not simply nodding her head but delay her pleasure in the name of choosing the best partner. As, she knows the truth that only the best male could produce the best young ones. It is not her 'pleasure' or 'urge' but only selecting the best matter a lot to her. Only the best choice of the present offers best result as the future is only the extension of the present.

Absolutely no subjectivity or personal preferences or personal happiness influence the selection of the best in the animal world but only 'what is best' alone qualifies the selection.

How do most corporate bosses select candidates? More often than not, whom they like is declared 'the best'. Future of the organization or its welfare is least counted by most bosses while selecting a candidate or project or task. What is suited to them and reward them only dictate the selection process of 'the best'.

Just look at the approach of a female animal during breeding season. She is on heat, male is around her, sex do give her pleasure and only through sex, her very biological purpose of procreation can be accomplished. But still she goes for selecting the best. She wants to ensure an impartial selection process.

The corporate bosses and HR must learn from nature as how to select the best without any subjectivity. Be a observer first, be a learner next and be honest in your approach is the message nature conveys to corporate. Love nature, be with nature and learn from nature.

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