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Afghan Massacre; Lone Gunman Vs. Just Another Night Raid

The “Lone Gunman” story being peddled by the USA explaining how another dozen or two Afghan civilians got wasted during just another night raid in the AF-PAK war has several witness accounts saying is was a group of American soldiers that were part of the massacre.

As in just another night raid because what fighting unit lets it sergeant go off at night off the base fully armed, all alone?

CYA, cover your ass, as they say in Uncle Sams Army, you know “the one crazy guy” hard sell.

But some real journalist did their job, witness's got interviewed, the interviews got out and even Euronews satellite channel confirmed reports that it was a US military unit during 7:00-10:00 GMT news broadcasts on March 12.

Just another night raid in the AF-Pak War with so many massacres of women and children over the past decade that even the Afghan's themselves have lost count.

With the Pakistan border still closed to the western occupation army in Afghanistan's supply lines, the Urination Scandal, the Qur'an Burning disaster and now this latest massacre under the infamous “night raid program” so vociferously defended by the Pentagon? I guess we should have expected the “Lone Gunman” pitch by the senior US Diplomat in Afghanistan.

We cant have the world thinking that murdering civilians is standard operating procedure could we?

Lone Gunman or Just Another Night Raid in the AF-PAK War? You be the judge.

Thomas C. Mountain is the only independent western journalist in the Horn of Africa, living and reporting from Eritrea since 2006. He can be reached at thomascmountain at yahoo dot com

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