The Full Story: JHS SEX VIDEO

By Daily Guide

Mothers of teenage boys at La Apapa, a suburb of Accra, have started questioning their sons to find out if any of them had had sex with a 16-year-old student and recorded it on video, NEWS-ONE has gathered.

The development follows reports that the relatives of the 16-year-old Junior High School (JHS) student who had sex with her 17-year-old lover and filmed it, have consulted a dreaded fetish priestess in the area to 'deal' with the boy unless he reveals himself.

The sex video was shot from an angle which fully captured the face of the girl and she has since been identified in the area where she lives. It however shows only the penis, stomach and thighs of her sex-partner.

The whereabouts of the boy has become an issue after the girl involved was reported to be pregnant. Interestingly, she has refused to disclose the identity and whereabouts of her play-boy.

The said sex video known as 'Apapa Kamasutra' was taken by the boy himself. He used his camera phone to video the sexual encounter but mistakenly allowed it to leak and it has since been widely circulated among almost every teenage boy in the area.

The sex was 'raw', as no condoms were used. The video starts with both of them already naked, with the girl wearing red waist beads.

The girl had her hair cut low as expected of JHS girls and she had an innocent look. She was seen stroking the penis of her male sex partner and then giving it a long good suck.

The school girl then complained (in the Ga language) that she was feeling shy because of the camera and the boy responded, in the same language, that she shouldn't worry because the video would be deleted right after the act.

The video also captured the boy inserting his penis into the girl and later using the tip of the penis to 'brush' the 'entrance' to the girl's vagina.

The setting was a small room which residents say belongs to the boy and their clothes could be seen lying on the blue and white rubber carpet.

According to reports, the boy is 17 while the girl is 16. They both attend public Junior High Schools in the area and the amateur video showed them stark naked, enjoying a very hot round of sex.

Friends of the girl say she has confided in them that this was not the first time the boy had videoed their sexual escapades.

The girl attends a popular orthodox church in the area and stays near the Circle Trotro Station at Apapa.

News broke in Accra on Monday night that another group of JHS students in Kumasi have also videoed a wild sex orgy involving six boys and six girls.

NEWS-ONE is yet to secure a copy of the Kumasi video but journalists who have seen it say it could easily grab an Oscar.

The Kumasi JHS students were reported to have met on Valentine's Day and had an all-play-all group sex where sex mates were exchanged at random.

Source: NewsOne