Trade Unionists want Liberia to walk the path of democracy and security

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2/28/2010 1:50:46 PM -

The Anglophone West Africa Project Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) of the Building and Wood workers International (BWI) have advised the Liberian government and its people to keep to the path of peace, security and democracy.

According to a communiqué from a workshop of PAC held in Liberia and released in Accra on Friday, the participants asked the Liberian government to avoid circumstances that plunged the West African country into the bitter 14-year civil war which ravaged the country and "spill(ed) over insecurity into the sub-region".

Participants at the workshop organized jointly with the Trade Union Solidarity Centre (SASK) of Finland were drawn from Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone and Nigeria.

The communiqué advised stakeholders in the ongoing review of Liberia's Labour Law to act in good faith and be guided by the international labour standards and the Decent Work Agenda (DWA) of the International Labour Organization (ILO) which would ensure good labour practices.

The Participants said the Liberian Government, being a signatory to the United Nations and the International Labour Organization conventions especially, those concerning the declaration on the fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, should "give the assurance of standing by trade unions in the present difficulties".

It expressed gratitude to the government of Liberia, the SASK, and the Electricity Workers Union, all from Finland for contributing in diverse ways for the success of the workshop.

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