Top Model Ghana’ To Air Sunday


I am sure that those who watch Ghana Televisison (GTV ) would have seen the promos of an event that is about to hit the screen.

The event is called Top Model Ghana.
The show is designed as a reality television show where some selected girls are kept in a house and groomed to become super models. GTV will start showing the programme from this Sunday.

I was privileged to have been selected among the few to witness the first recording of a show where contestants were to know that we had such tall and lanky girls in this country.

Most of the girls I saw on Saturday seemed to be made of nothing but legs. According to the organisers, the girls are expected to stay in the house for 10 weeks, and be groomed to become professional models.

There would be evictions every week till the eighth week.
Viewers would see to it that the deserving girl wins the top award whilst those they feel should leave the house would be evicted via text voting.

The votes of the viewing public and judges' decision would send contestants packing and leaving the house.
It looks more and more like we have entered the era of real beauty show and we need to enjoy it while it lasts.

Remember Model of the Universe Reality Show, Miss Malaika Reality Show, Miss Ghana Reality Show and others?
I hope this one also gets the needed public attention which made the other a must watch TV show.

That would come from the quality of production and the hype that goes with it. With Baron Adusu (TT) in charge of production, I doubt if there would be any problem in that department.

Top Model Ghana is jointly produced by 702 productions and Media Touch Productions. Let's see how it performs on TV from this Sunday.

The 13 contestants are Su-ad, Charlene, Faila, Doris, Barbara, Mabel, Sabina, Valentina, Caroline, Audrey, Delali, Esther and Kate.

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