Wiccan Magick at its' Best

By Melanie Miller

You may want to become a witch...so joining a coven maybe an alternative, you may or may not of thought of yet. You do not have to join a coven of witchs' but I used to be in a coven and enjoyed attending the meetings. You can meet new friends and learn about the power of gods and goddesses.

Here are some free spells for you and friends and family members to try, as these are my own spells in my Book of Shadows. I been writing spells for a long time, so if you wish to cast some spells, then you may appreciate the ones' I am giving you to cast.

Okay, for a protection spell. You use salt and circle around you before going to work, out to dinner with a friend, before that important business meeting. You can ask a god or goddess as well. You can also sprinkle salt around you, the white or dark kind will do as there is dark salt, and say this, "Goddess Isis, watch over me and protect me from all harm as I travel today, be with me in spirit soul and mind." You can or may thank this deity of your choice. Also for lovers spells, take a red witch's candle and bless it with oil, any kind will do and you can order them or go to a witch craft store. You may also want to purchase some Doves' blood and write your name and his or her name, onto the parchment paper, and if you can not find this kind of paper, white paper will do nicely. All you need to do is cast a lovers spell on a full moon as a full moon is stronger. You light your candles, as need two witch's candles and be sure your name and one you love, or desire or long for, into the candle, you must carve his or her name well. You may also carve a right side up pentacle as well. Now allow the candles to burn for a while until you feel enough time has passed, and extinguish the flames. You always thank the deity you chose if you chose one. Now you may place the wax in a shoe box and put under your bed, or even the pillow you sleep on at night. If you dream that he or she romances you or comes to you, then chances are, he or she will want for you. You should never do this spell to meet a married person, as can and will back fire on you, as he or she will most likely break your heart and find another suitor. Your best chances are to meet a single person for love and romance and if you do not have any one in mind, you can still offer the gods or goddesses a token of your appreciation and leave it by a tree or bury it by a tree...as a tree has much wisdom and great knowledge, believe it or not. You may bury also the candle wax by a tree as well, after all spells are performed whether it be for lovers spells or protection spells or money spells.

Here is a spell for money. Carry a green mojo bag or pouch with you, place herbs you may grow in your garden or find herbs or by them in a store where they carry an assortment of them. Place in your lucky bag and also put your name into the bag as well. You need to bless it with an oil, so a few drops will do nicely inside the bag, and plus roses are an excellent choice to put into your bag as well as will find you love as well as money. I have done this and found money plus won a good sum of money as well. You may light gold or green or silver candles when you wish too, and ask a deity during you spell craft to protect you, help you find the job you are seeking and also if you want love, just ask a deity and they or he or she will grant you your secret wish. Do not tell anyone the magic you are casting as will make the spell to not come true for you. If however you wish to cast your magick with a friend, or close aquaintence then you may. You can imagine protection all around you or money flowing your way. Also for money spells, take a one dollar bill or larger sum of a bill, and put your initials on it, any where will do nicely and a pentacle as well, now put into your lucky mojo bag and ask a god or goddess to send money your way. This spell should work for you or a good friend. You can also, for a money spell, carry the bill with you, in a purse or even your pocket and next time you play a lottery ticket, rub the bill and make your wish inside your mind. These spells are easy to cast and should work wonders for you. If you need help with your magick, just ask a witch or a witchy friend to assist you in all your magickal endeavors. I am quite sure, a good and caring friend will want to help you. Now, if you need a career spell, you may cast money spells as well, as mentioned above. Just hold your bill, dollar bill or coins into your hand, make your wish to be either famous or rich or just in need of a good paying job that will be beneficial to you. You may find the career you been seeking for a long time. If for some reason none of these spells work for you, you can pay a witch or wizard to help you, and there are plently of witches around that will cast spells for you. I, myself can cast spells for others and if you ever need a spell cast for you for no payment whatsoever, then just email me at [email protected] I have cast spells for night mares to cease before for clients and the spell worked handsomely, needless to say, so if you need a lovers spells, protections spells or money or career spells, then you may ask me. I do not charge for any of my spells, and some folks sent me gifts as a token of their appreciation when my magick worked well for them. I do not require gifts but a wiccan book is fine to send to me. You may email me your spell request and I shall glady cast them all for you as long as it is for good intentions and not wicked spells, anyone wanting me to cast wicked spells, I simply shall not do. I prefer the cast wiccan spells, and I live by the Creed, ' and harm ye none ' although in my past, I was not into Wicca but anymore I am and love to cast spells for friends as well as family members.

Well folks, I sincerly hope that you enjoyed reading my article and that you have fun casting your magick, whether it be alone or with a friend, or if you prefer someone to cast them for you, then this is acceptable as well as many people do not like or enjoy casting magick and prefer a wiccan or pagan witch to cast them for them. And whatever you decide to do, is entirely up to you. Have fun and note that magick lies in all our souls, you just need to reach for that star and you will go far!

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